Homeless Issue #131

Homelessness is a 12 month 24/7 ordeal. Some persons handle that one way, while others handle that time in other ways. Is there assistance in enduring that way of life? Is it to just lose it in the drug and alcohol world? Is it a learning experience that in fact make for one’s betterment? 
One program in our area makes homelessness of the single homeless person a learning experience. That is “Christ Like Services.” “Christ” from the Greek “Christos” from the Aramaic, “Messiah.” And it follows that school of thought and action.
CLS takes in the homeless person who wants out of homelessness, or if need be, away from the Drug/Alcohol life. The person is placed in an environment that does not allow drugs/alcohol, and that person is paired with a partner. This “duo” supports each other. Encourages each other. All in the program go to work. They work for homeowners who have requested laborers for home improvements, “yard work,” “house sitting,” auto repair, welding, etc. All are covered by a statement of liability that each party involved has signed. And at a very reasonable price. This is supported by a very understanding of what might be termed as a Judeo/Christian work ethic. After a length of time necessary for the candidate to maintain and adjust to working reliably, is drug/alcohol free, and then has found a paying job as well as acquiring a car, that person “Graduates.” That person can fall back on CLS if there is a need. Sounds great? Well it is working and has worked. 100 persons have been baptized, “going to the water,” while in their program.
There are now 14 in the program. They “camp” out away from the towns and temptations. All go to “work” programs each morning. There is
a “Men’s” house where the 6 beds are alternated between the 14 participants. (Only 6 beds can be occupied in each house per county law.) 6 women reside in the “woman’s” house with the same work ethics used at the men’s house.
Moral and ethical issues are discussed and enforced at all locations.

Close to 100 persons have participated in this regiment over the last few years.
Bob Deruelle put this all together, and it is done with private donations and volunteer help. No cost to the taxpayer.

Christ Like Services needs space to increase their service to the community, taking care of those who have the very least. CLS needs a work place away from the temptations of our cities. They need a “Farm,” a place to house their transitional homeless charges. A place to have a garden to feed their homeless charges. A place for teaching a moral and ethical life style. Christ Like Services wants to lease a farm or at least property to continue and expand their service to our community and for those who have the very least.

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Nomadic Shelter:  Important!!!
This year all the Shelter Locations will be working in sync; all will be doing the same thing and enforcing all the same rules in every Shelter location.

All Nomadic Shelter volunteers working in any of the churches, are asked to please attend the Shelter Volunteer introductory workshop that will be held on Saturday, Oct 6, 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon, at Federated Church in Price Hall.

Nomadic Shelter dates:
Begins Nov. 1, 2018 ……………… Ends March 31, 2019