Homeless Issue #135


Dumped on you! A Homeless Issue:

You are part of the community, a living, breathing entity that thrives or parishes by what you do or don’t do. What you allow or don’t allow. What is acceptable or not acceptable.

El Dorado County is a beautiful place to live. If you are blessed with what it takes to enjoy its amenities. But if you’re not? What do we/you do? How do we respond?

Case: “Just a Penny.”

71-year-old woman. Never been employed, has mental issues and is autistic. Difficulties with breathing and walking. Came from Tennessee 3 months ago from living with her family to family/friend in Placerville area. She arrives at a shelter site by family/friend? And family/friend said that if the shelter site would take her to McDonalds in the morning, they would pick her up and take her to the bus station for her to return to Tennessee. She was left at McDonalds as arranged. Two-days later on the 19th of Nov., the Placerville Police picked her up at McDonalds and had a taxi take her to another shelter site at 11:00 PM. That shelter called 911 and they transferred her to Marshall Hospital on the 20th. Marshall kept her for 3 days, then out on the street she went. Then again, she went back to a shelter site then back to her first shelter site. We are coming up to 7 days of rain, with only three nights covered by the Nomadic Shelter, where does she go? What would a JSS tent and sleeping bag do for this woman? She would not know what to do with it.

Is this “just a disposable old Penny?” to be forgotten and just allowed to rotten where she falls? What would your community do? County won’t take responsibility, Non-profits and churches are not equipped to handle her. Is this the test of who we are in El Dorado County????

Ron Sachs, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra.

7 days of rain is on the way


BTW JSS has 110 tent/bags checked out so far this season at a cost of about (depending on the vendor) $50.00 a set. We are in need of money to purchase more. We can’t use “used tents” because they arrive without poles, holes, and broken zippers. Used clean sleeping bags are acceptable. Will you help JSS out with an additional donation? You can leave sleeping bags or other donations at Foothills UMC in Cameron Park area Tuesdays through Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM. Or e-mail me for a pick-up. I pray for all those who are in need in California but have to admit I pray and provide for my community of fellow persons here in El Dorado County..