Homeless Issue #136B

The good news:
Remember our “lost penny” from last newsletter? She is now in a care facility being taken care of. Thanks to the “First Responders” who do not get to ride in a big red truck or drive a neat fast car, but from their own home/office found this lady a sanctuary.

Yes, Yes, Cold Springs CC will open their doors to the homeless population beginning Sunday, January 6th and each Sunday after that. This will give our homeless population shelter on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. IF COLD SPRINGS CC CAN GET ENOUGH VOLENTEERS TO HELP ON SUNDAY NIGHTS AND EARLY MONDAY MORNINGS.

This is where you fit in. Contact Dave Sarmago at


And say that you will help out in some capacity. Over night and early morning shifts are hardest to fill, and I know you will be blessed if you will volunteer your time during those hours.



Yep, I ruffled a few feathers in my last issue. One comment was “Don’t make it so personal.” Homeless and “thrown out” IS personal! I have been there! My parents taught me compassion, my church taught me compassion, but being homeless really taught me what homelessness is like. And what compassion really is. It is not theoretical. It is thirsty, hunger, shelter, keeping warm, being befriended.

I attended a CoC meeting that introduced the new County Homeless Coordinator, “HomeBase ,“ to the non-profits in El Dorado County. After an hour of listening to what they will do and for whom, I did not hear anything about assisting the single homeless persons on our streets. I made it a point to ask the director, face to face, to write a statement on what they have to offer the single homeless population of our community, and I would include it in this newsletter. Aint heard a thing. Yes, they do have some programs for those in transition. That is just a few.
The homeless don’t vote for Supervisors, or any government group. And those groups hold the money. What JSS does and gives out to the homeless population comes from some of the “Faith Community,” less than a quarter of them, individuals that have compassion, and by the way, persons who have had to experience homelessness themselves. JSS now has 114 tents and sleeping bags out on the street, attempting to keep our homeless warm and dry. BTW a tent and bag costs JSS about $50.00, $50.00, depending on market fluctuation. We expect to be giving out more as the winter hits and the homeless register into the Nomadic Shelters.


MERRY CHRISTMAS, make yours merry as well as someone else who is struggling to keep warm, dry, and loved.