Homeless Issue #137

Wonder who the Nomadic Shelter is sheltering?
Nomadic Shelter Numbers Nov. 1, 2018 until Jan. 1. 2019
The Shelter has 79 total persons fully registered. The following numbers reflect the information regarding those persons. 2 persons under the age of 20; 1 age 21-25; 40 age 26-55; 22 age 56-64; 11 age 65 or older.

51 identify as Male; 27 identify as Female; 49 of these homeless have been in the Nomadic Shelter in past years; 17 in ED County for less that a few months; 5 for 1-5 years; 9 for 6-10 years; 48 for 11 to life time years; 32 get Food Stamps; 36 have some kind of income.

Over 33% of our guests are female. About 60% have lived in El Dorado County for over 11 years. 41% are over the age of 56.
Intake Forms were not completed or had confusing answers in a few cases, but that is expected with new volunteers and in some cases rushed questioning.

Understand that only two of the shelter locations agreed to collect information regarding who they are sheltering, to be use by the Nomadic Shelter for compiling information. With Cold Spring CC joining us now, and gathering information, we should get more accurate information; and most importantly, we add another night so that our homeless population is now sheltered for four (4) nights a week.

Be proud and be thankful to those who give of their time and energy to volunteer at one of the Nomadic Shelter locations. For a once a week sacrifice for the welfare for the children of God who just did not make it as well as we did. For those who had less opportunity than we had and/or are mentally challenged.


JSS received this invitation and thought it first is an inspirational idea by one of our young persons in our community and as well as a great idea.

My name is Madison Mueller, and I am a 17-year-old parishioner at Holy Trinity Parish. I am currently working on a new program for the church: “The Giving Garden.” 
Every year during Christmas time, our church has “The Giving Tree” in which the “ornaments” name a local organization and an item or material they need. Parishioners then pick an ornament and bring that item or material to the church for donation to the organization. 

While a great program, I did notice that the amounts of donations decrease dramatically after the holidays and sought out to change that, which led to my creation of the “Giving Garden- a year-long Giving Tree”. 

May God shine down upon you Madison.


We lost two of our homeless persons this December. Annette was a long-time member of the homeless community, and we crossed paths with hugs and also with obvious oblivion at times. She was one of my “originals” along with her husband 8-10 years ago. She and he had their tent set up in the Lumsden park area. Yes, I’ll miss her. But she is now at peace. God bless her. We also lost Paula. I did not know Paula as well as Annette, but we both did cross paths from time to time. Her worries and challenges are now solved.
As sad as these lives were, they were children of God and members of our community.

JSS will be out with tents, sleeping bags, and ponchos this weekend. JSS will be at Federated Church on Saturday night and then at Cold Springs CC on Sunday night giving out those items made possible by your donations to Job’s Shelters of the Sierra.

God bless all of you. And Thank You!