Homeless Issues #139

Homeless Issue #139                                          02/01/19
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)
is making a change.

JSS will continue to distribute Tents, Sleeping bags, Socks, Toilet Paper, Women’s underwear, Men’s underwear, Women’s sanitary pads, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, Razors, Batteries, Ponchos, the basics, the necessities.

When JSS began out in at the end of 2006, this is what we did. JSS is returning to its roots. JSS will continue to be a force within the county on homeless issues. JSS will continue to be active with the Nomadic Shelter as well as the county Continuum of Care unit striving for improvements in the care of the homeless population in El Dorado County.

Due to the loss of our storage unit we must discontinue the distribution of clothing. The clothing collection requires the largest amount of space. JSS now just does not have the space to collect, sort, store, the large quantiles of clothing we have been storing in the past.
JSS will continue to go to the Upper Room twice a week and other places that the homeless congregate, as those areas change. JSS continues to pass out Ponchos at the Nomadic Shelter locations for instance when it rains.

In the month of January, Ron traveled 902.8 miles on behalf of the homeless population. Just to give you an idea of how our volunteers are putting in their time, cars and energies. JSS has 138 tents and sleeping bag now in use in our county, protecting our homeless. JSS has maintained about the same amount of Tent/Bag distributions for about 8 years. That results to about 1,104 Tent/Bag distributions. We budget $45.00 each for one Tent/Bag distribution. That represents $49,680.00 JSS has spent without receiving any moneyes from the County government or the various county “Foundations.” It has all come from donations from people like you, the “Faith Community” and those who care for “The Least of These Our Brothers and Sisters,” the homeless.

This is the team that is on the streets serving the homeless in El Dorado County.
             Jerry & Betty                John
                   Ron                         Brian
Plus our support staff doing their thing. 
                We will still need your support.