Homeless Issues #141

Homeless Issue #141

We will be giving a full report regarding the Nomadic Shelter after April 5th. But here are little bits of information that is important to get out.

El Dorado County will designate Perk’s Court as “Excess County Property,”
making it available to be used as a permanent, year-round shelter for our homeless population. WITH RESTRICTIONS. This will not be a place for the homeless population to just “hang around.” The surrounding area residents would not stand for it. It is suggested that the persons who meet the qualifications to use the shelter, be “Vanned” in and leave in the morning. Those with “business” or in need of advice/counselling, could stay in a restricted location on the property. “Employees” could be selected from the responsible homeless population to keep the grounds and buildings clean and safe. The now existing Nomadic Shelter organization and its volunteers as well as the participating faith organizations could get it up and running within months. One or both houses
could be readied to accept homeless within a very few months’ time. Art Edwards and Ron Sachs have had this vision for 7-8 years and would be blessed to finish what they had started years ago, with the Nomadic shelter heading up the group with support and “input” by the County Homeless Coordinator.

NOW we need you to exert all your energies by convincing the Board of Supervisors that Perk’s Court would be the best place for a Homeless Shelter and Out Reach facility. Please e-mail your Supervisor, send letters, get everyone you can think of involved.

I went to a meeting put on by the El Dorado Community Foundation.
What I came away with from that meeting was short regarding the single homeless population. If I may paraphrase?

The single homeless will always be with us and thus cannot show any advancement in eliminating the problem, therefore we do not fund any program that would benefit the single homeless person.”
An example was given that some homeless persons go from county to county absorbing various county benefits. Thus, funding of that population is counterproductive. I see it that if wealthy persons can corrupt the University admissions system, Universities should be shut down and not be funded. One has money, one aint got no money.

Even our Governor gets involved

The Honorable Gavin Newsom Governor,
State of California
State Capitol Building,
1st Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Homelessness Funding

Dear Governor Newsom,

The California State Association of Counties (CSAC), Urban Counties of California (UCC), and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) are pleased to partner with you on combatting the homelessness crisis in our communities. Our members bring experience and expertise to the issue as counties provide a wide array of services to combat homelessness. In follow-up to CSAC’s March 15 letter, the undersigned county associations have had further conversations about ways in which our members collectively can partner with the state and our local partners to make lasting changes in responding to one of the most complex social challenges of our generation.

Counties strongly support your January Budget proposal to dedicate $500 million in funding to local entities for emergency shelters, navigation centers, and meeting milestones. While we understand that proposed solutions are evolving, we wish to work with you to address the concerns and needs of our member counties. For counties, flexibility is the key to addressing the needs of the homeless population. This is why we respectfully request the inclusion of increased flexibility for local jurisdictions as each region strives to tackle homelessness with targeted, specific responses to local needs. Counties support additional state investments in strategies for addressing homelessness as well as a reprioritization of funds outlined in your proposed budget.……………………………………………………………

This was taken from a letter sent by CSAC, UCoC, and RCRC to the Governor.
Again, the Nomadic Shelter report will be made
available around the 10th of April or before.
      Bless us ALL!