Homeless Issues #144

Homeless Issues #144                                  05/21/19
We are going to explore the very basics of life for all “living things.”
You/Me, Dogs. Cats, Squirrels, Horses, Addicts, Mentally Challenged, Presidents and the Homeless. Every one of these living entities have the same basic needs and reactions. Air to breathe, water, nourishment (food), and a place to defecate. You don’t like the obvious? That is it, wheather you like the subject or not, there it is!

“They/Them” (Addicts/Mentally Challenged/Homeless) are the same as Presidents/ You/Me, all living animals. How can anyone fault “They/Them” for addressing those needs that you and I take for granted.

The Upper Room, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, Only Kindness, the Faith Community provide some of the material needs of this community without the help of the County coffers. But the County coffers and city/county property is needed to overcome the most lacking basics: A place to defecate. We hide, this basic need. You cannot take a bath in the Walmart “Bathroom.” You cannot take a bath in the gas station “Bathroom.” Come out of the closet of “Niceties” and into the world of FACT.

We have an Addicts/Mentally Challenged Problem!

Those addiction to Drugs and Alcohol, the Mentally Challenged persons who are on our streets; and finally, our Homeless population who just can’t pay for shelter.

WE NEED “BATHROOMS” for our Addicts/Mentally Challenged and Homeless.
Yes, “they” are in our community, they are part of our surroundings, they are ours. This will solve, in most part, the complaint that “They” defecate on my property just like the dogs/cats/squirrels/ and all other living creatures that cross our land.

In Placerville city is the only “open” bathroom available to persons who have a need to use it. And it gets locked up at night.

Since this is a regional issue within the county, we must go to the individual County Supervisor and City Administrator for action.

And ……… The uncontrolled addicts and mentally challenged have to be taken off the streets as they break the laws that we all have to follow. Now? …………..  Just a few days or a week and they are back on our streets again breaking our rules of conduct.

We have had in the past “Porta Potties” that could be used by this segment of our population. And yes, the addicts and mentally challenged have torn them apart. But if these persons were incarcerated, they would not be around to wreak havoc as they have done in the past. If the Addicts and Mentally Challenged were compassionately incarcerated, life for all would be made much more doable….. “They” have to “go” someplace. The community might be able to direct where that might be.


The real experts on this issue are not the County Staff! The experts are the “Normal,” “Successful,” “Stable,”  Volunteers that spend hours with this segment of our population in the Nomadic Shelter and/or The Upper Room.  

Has anyone read Isaiah 58:7 and 58:10? or Matthew 25:40?
“He who won’t be counseled can’t be helped.”
Benjamin Franklin
Anyone wanting to take this project (Porta Potties) on will get the full support of JSS and this Newsletter!

OK, I will get a lot of flak from this assessment. But this has worked in other communities.

Did everyone view this very important  presentation? If not view it!