Homeless Issues #145

Homeless Issue #145                                                   06/01/19

El Dorado County Sheriff Dept. is working WITH us!
Yes, the El Dorado County Sheriff Department has gathered together some of the
Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless service providers in our county to gather at different locations for a well-advertised event within the homeless community, an opportunity to distribute what these providers have to give to our Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless persons. This gathering will take place at different locations and at different days throughout the summer months. The Sheriff Dept., The Lighted Candle as well as JSS, were there, with your donations making that possible, JSS will be there at each different location within the county.
                       Richard                         Ron

              JSS has just ordered the following:  

144 tubes of toothpaste, 144 sticks of deodorant, 72 sticks of lip balm, 56 pair of men’s boxer briefs, 30 pair of men’s white briefs, as well as 70 pair of women’s underwear, 288 rolls of toilet paper; plus, the socks we have on hand now. All those items must be paid for. Will you help us out?

The LDS community has donated $1,500.00 worth of clothing from their gigantic warehouse in Sacramento. We depend on donations to carryout our mission to the addicted/ mentally challenged and homeless population without enabling them. These are just the basics for human hygiene. Remember that the addict/mentally challenged and homeless do not have places to keep/store what they are not using in the moment. All the jackets and cold weather gear has now been abandoned or discarded.

With the 140 tents and sleeping bags we have given to the addicted/mentally challenged and the homeless who are without shelter in the past year, and more in need again this year; we must restock. We are approaching our financial red line. This is all for the “Least of these our brothers and sisters.”
                                                                            Please send us a check! JSS receives no money from any government agency or from any Foundations local or otherwise. Only from you!

Many, Many, thanks for those who contribute to the “Can” each month!!

I am asking you to take some time, like one hour, to view this presentation


Please take your time. This is important. As I have advocated in the past, the only solution is Benevolent Incarceration as depicted in this presentation.. 

Ron Sachs