Homeless Issues #147


Homeless Issue #147                                              07/23/19


JSS works with many organizations providing the necessities for living on the street.

Christlike Services Women’s House.

Periodically the women in the Christlike Women’s house will gather up the homeless women and takes them to the house for showers as well as a facility to clean their clothes. The first Friday night had four homeless women trying it out. As the word spreads, more will come. JSS provides clothing, underwear, lotions, all hygienic needs and a few “odds and ends,” on those occasions.

Meanwhile over at the Christlike Men’s house, JSS provides tents and sleeping bags for a group of 5 or more men who go camping and practice sobriety in an effort to get off the drug/alcohol habit and receive direction in life habits. This program has been successful. Many, if not most, of the men helping in the Nomadic Shelter during the winter months are graduates of this program. They are trusted, and some are paid for their supervision of the homeless guests at the host churches. Other men are out on work projects (“Ready Labor”) at various homes doing yard work to small building projects. Call 530-622-1267 to hire day labors who are insured and documented.




Assisting not harassing 


(Sheriff Dept. Homeless Outreach Team)

Participants:    EDSO HOT, El Dorado County Behavioral Health, EDC Mental Health, Community Health, Marshall Medical, The Lighted Candle, Walmart, JSS Job’s Shelters of the Sierras, Capital Aire Systems


BH FIELD ASSESSMENTS PREFORMED:   7 – This is the initial screening for entry/assessment to receive a funding package and treatment via rehab/transitional housing.

TYPES OF DONATIONS:   • 8 Loads of laundry completed

                                                250 gallons of water

                                                Supplies for wound care

                                                Camping supplies/toiletries (JSS)

                                                Clothing/Shoes/ Cold weather (JSS)

                                                Feminine hygiene (JSS)


OFFERED:                                   Family Counseling

                                                       Substance   Abuse

                                                       Physical abuse

                                                       Sexual assault

             Check In/Check out area to ensure               quality  data collection.

OPPORTUNITIES   FOR         Creating individual spaces for participating FUTURE TRAILER DATES:       services to ensure privacy/room to  work

                                                     Additional seating area

                                                     Different signage

                                                     Narcan distribution 8t training

                                                     Sharps containers (willing              individuals)

                                                     Donations to provide basic medical supplies &                    

                                                       Treatment training/

Next H.O.T. “Trailer Day” will be with the Placerville Police Dept. and in the city of Placerville. July 31st.


Unused Juvenile Hall to Homeless Shelter        
still up in the air!

The “Experts” in providing overnight care and service to the homeless population at night is the Nomadic Shelter. The “Experts” in educating, inspiring, and motivating the homeless population during the day light hours is Christlike Services.

A joint effort for the Juvenile Hall facility?

Mr. Don Semon is the Director of HHSA and is responsible for the Juvenile Hall re-purposing Use Analysis and recommendations to the BOS.  He will not be making the decision; it will be the five BOS who will make the decision.


Or any other excess building the county might have?

The homeless were in Placerville before HangTown/Placerville were here.

They will be here long after HangTown/Placerville are long gone.


Ron Sachs