Homeless Issues #148

Homeless Issue #148                                 08/12/19

Shariff Dept. updates:

The overall County homeless population is about 600 as of 2018. The Sheriff Dept. has “Outreach” contact with about 84 of those as of 2019. A sampling of 192 of the homeless that the Homeless Outreach Team have actively worked with in 2019 shows that 103 housed; 40 still actively homeless; 11 travel between cities/counties or refuse services; 14 incarcerated; 8 entered into treatment; 16 who have just wandered off. It is the mission of the Homeless Outreach Team to break the cycle of homelessness through various service offerings and outreach.

HOT does not maintain statistics for individuals who have living circumstances such as an RV, a car or are “couch surfing.” These numbers do not account for incorporated areas such as Placerville or South Lake Tahoe.

Thank you, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dept.

How many of our homeless are mentally challenged and to what degree? Addicted, and to what degree? These are the ones who are the face of homelessness. The populous does not notice those who are just like you and me but without money to rent space and purchase food. These are the “forgotten” homeless. These are the ones we can assist with the help of the Sheriff’s Dept. and other County agencies.

The others? I suggest benevolent and trained staff incarceration.


Using the old Juvenile Detention Center.

Can it be used as a year-round Homeless complex, a mental facility; or, as there are enough buildings to house both facilities, keep it for both, or tear it all down??? The Center housed persons just a short time ago, and it is ready to be occupied with just some volunteer labor to spruce it up a little and make minor repairs if needed.

The County needs guidance on this issue. Please keep up communicating with your County Supervisor. We do not this set on a back burner and not “Just wait to see what happens.” The opposition to using the buildings for the homeless is at work attempting to block those buildings being used for homeless issues.


              When the ball is in our own back court

A transplant moved in behind us and called code enforcement on everyone on our street in Georgetown. I have been housing a friend slash uncle in our trailer out back. He was in and out of jail and had a real alcohol problem. We got him off alcohol and he goes to church every Sunday. And Has Not been arrested since. But code enforcement says build a structure for him or kick him out on to the streets. I have asked our supervisor to help. She is trying but. Code enforcement is threatening us. I have said I’m not going to kick said Uncle out.

       Supervisor of 4 can’t or won’t step in? A Sorry Fact.

Does your organization need a speaker?

Need to be informed?


I have a 30-minute DVD presentation that shows the operation of JSS in action and also one showing the Nomadic Shelter at each location as well as bring to your group the realities of homelessness.

With or without the DVD, I point out the misconceptions and misunderstandings that get in our way when thinking of homelessness. The questions and debate portion of the presentation is most helpful to all attending. Just e-mail me for dates, time, and location of your gathering. Ron@JobsShelters.Org