County/Cities Big meeting about Homelessness

 Meeting of 09/06/2019

All County Supervisors, all, of both City Council members “Super informative” meeting open to the public regarding Homelessness held at the County fairgrounds.!

The following is my opinion regarding this “Super Informative” meeting and shared by many of those who attended praying that the County of El Dorado would have a workable plan to alleviate homelessness among the single, bothersome, homeless persons on our streets and in our community.

What it was: two and one-half hours of County Government trying to sell the idea of the county paying the “HomeBase” Law practice to come up with a “Strategic overall plan for alleviating homeless in El Dorado County.” LONG TERM, (like when we reach Mars.) 2 ½ hours of slides and double talk, in a warm room sitting on hard chairs, illustrating on a screen data that was then admitted to not be accurate for this time in space.

78% (480) of our homeless are unsheltered. 47% have spent their entire lives in El Dorado County. 18% have been in the county for a period of 5-10 years. 60% are first time homeless. 53% are over 45 years of age. 85% identify as white race. 27% encountered domestic violence. 46% are looking for work. 18% are accessing benefits. 78% not accessing benefits. These following figures do not jive with the 480 unsheltered homeless as stated above. In 2019, 115 individuals were experiencing chronic homelessness. 46 veterans experiencing homelessness, 20 families experiencing homelessness. These figures were displayed on a large screen. Then came the disclaimer after 2 hours of this in the hot, uncomfortable chairs. Every County, City, administrator was there to speak. At least 30. None of them had anything new or enlightening to contribute for acting on any solution within any time soon.

Big, Biggest Highlight of the meeting was a 8-minute presentation by Undersheriff Randy Peshon regarding the accomplishments and efforts of the Sheriff Departments H (homeless) O (outreach) T (team). They are the only county organization that is making progress in facing the homeless “problem” today, last month and next weeks, and making a change for those in the single homeless population. They are assisting not harassing. AND the assertion and information expressed by the County District Attorney in his 5 minutes at the mike. 13 minutes worth of useful information out of 2 1/2 hours of nothingness for our homeless population..

I walked out after 2 ½ hours and understand others also walked out after me.


1 ½ months away the County can’t come up with a space to shelter our homeless population for just 2 nights per week during the winter months. Our participating faith community would provide staffing. All the county would be accomplishing is helping the faith community by providing a space to care for the citizens of this county that the County Supervisors who are elected to protect and help the county citizenry can’t or won’t do.

But instead of action, we have experienced 2 ½ hours of propaganda and “Fake News.” (Remember the disclaimer regarding the figures?)

Here is the link to all of the sales pitch and propaganda.


Only about 350 persons open this newsletter out of the 460 we send out. We are asking you to send this on to any and all to open their eyes to the inaction of caring for “the least of these our brother and sisters” who live in our community.

Ron’s personal opinion.