Homeless Issues   #152  

After doing this for 11 years, JSS is still doing this. Bullied, Burdened, Abused, Harassed, Loved, Looked up to, Assisted, Hugged, Admired, Remembered, Forgotten, and about everything else, JSS goes where the homeless congregate to give freely the necessities of living “on the streets.” Here we are again partnered with the El Dorado Sherriff H.O.T. and the other County service Depts.

The Nomadic Shelter has started up again for this 2019-2020 winter season again. This year the shelter covers just 5 nights a week. We have only 5 host churches in all of El Dorado County who are willing to allow homeless persons into their building to be protected, warm, and dry. ONLY 5 !

We GREATLY ADMIRE THOSE VOLLUNTEERS WHO GIVE OF THEIR TIME ENERGY AND MOSTLY, LOVE, to their fellow humans who “have the very least,” are mentally challenged, or are addicted.

JSS is giving a tent and a sleeping bag to each of those who sign-in with the Nomadic Shelter who do not have a tent/bag so they can have some warmth and protection on the nights that the shelter is not open. This is a very costly burden on JSS. But someone must step up and do it. JSS spends about $45.00 on each tent/bag distribution, and with 170 signed into the Nomadic Shelter last year, that is $7,650.00 JSS has to plan for. (And we ain’t got it) Or do we need to spend our resources on women’s under ware (3 sizes), men’s under ware (2 sizes), women’s sanitary pads (3 kinds/sizes), rolls of toilet paper, socks, razors, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and assorted lotions and bulbms? Thank God for the clothing we give out that we receive from donations from organizations like the LDS, thrift shops, and other faith organizations and one Family Grant that has been faithful to JSS. All to keep JSS functioning. 

Deserted Juvenile Hall being turned over for use as a homeless shelter and or anything involving the homeless is not at all going to happen. There is an active courtroom in that building.  No way the homeless are to be around the courtroom. That dream is dead!

“14 Forward,” is housing the homeless in Tuff sheds on County property. I asked each County Supervisor “How likely would the County give property for such a community.” How likely would the County change the codes to allow a person to live/sleep in a Tuff Shed.” etc. 3 supervisors acknowledged that they received the request, and two did not.  Never got a reply as to how likely the Supervisors would approve any such homeless community. That dream is dead!

And can you believe that the “California State Association of Counties” is giving El Dorado County an award for their contributions/care of our homeless population. 

While at the H.O.T outing, the Placerville City Police Commander came over to me and we had a very friendly conversation. He wants to be helpful, he asked advice, and I was very comfortable with him. A huge change from past Placerville Police policy. Thank you, Commander Wren.