Homeless Issues #159

“End Homelessness” That is an insane statement made by supposedly intelligent people. Be real! Homelessness will always be within our community. Live up to it! “Attempt to manage homelessness” would be more correct, but only if Government and the community combined forces to manage the situation.

I wish to report that the issue from the last Homeless Issues Newsletter regarding the
“Coordinated Entry System”
being in South Lake Tahoe when the majority of our homeless population is on the west slope in and around Placerville is being resolved to include the west slope and an extension of the hours of operation from 2 hours a day to much more useful and longer hours. Organization and funding of the program is now a “work in progress.”

El Dorado County Statistics that are revealing.

613 homeless persons in El dorado County!

30% Of our homeless experience substance abuse and 42% have mental health disabilities. So, 72% of our homeless population are in need of Special Services that the County Government has control over but does or does not wish to control. County agencies are not working together with the homeless. Case in point, law enforcement and mental health professionals.  Disruptive mentally challenged person is sent to jail and not to mental health facility. 47% of our homeless have lived in El Dorado County all their lives. Hours of operations of the County Special Services operations are 9-5 during the day. Homeless population activity most prominent from 6 PM until 7 AM the next day. If we can solve these issues, we would solve 72% of the “homeless problem.”

That leaves 28 % or about 205 persons in El Dorado County who are homeless due to age, SS income only, lack of knowledge or skills, medical issues as well as other issues. These have the ability to adjust to new help and rewarding services, but are left on the streets homeless.

El Dorado County “Faith” community cannot or will not come up with resolving the homeless issues of the citizens of El Dorado County.

We have community organizations that do a good job in helping to resolve the challenges of being homeless. Case in point”: Is the efforts of the “outreach” team from the Marshall Hospital staff, working with the HOT team as well as JSS and others.
This is the Marshall Hospital contingent gathered around the JSS homeless distribution center at a H.O.T. operation.

Is it possible for the County government, the Placerville City government, and the volunteers of the Nomadic Shelter/Community Haven, come together as One Working Organization to attempt to alleviate the homeless issues that plague El Dorado County?