Pandemic Update

As of 4/2/20 – 19 cases in the County. El Dorado Hill – 4; “North” County-2; Greater Placerville-3; Single Springs/ Latrobe – 3; South Lake Tahoe-7. 10 are Male and 9 are Female; 9 are “travel” related. Ages of those involved: 52% ages 18-49; 31% are 50-64; 15.8% are 65+ years old. Most were travel related.

What are we doing about it? With guidance from Marshall Hospital and staff and our “Homeless Providers” we are deeply involved. The overall plan is to keep the homeless population in concentrated areas to reduce spreading the virus. The Upper Room, Nomadic Shelter, H.O.T. team, and JSS with all their volunteer helpers are on the front-lines of this battle. Each needs MONEY to facilitate THEIR PART IN THIS COOPERATIVE EFFORT. The County and State has made money available through different channels. Our first step is to isolate 10, then up to 20 or more, of the most vulnerable homeless persons in hotel rooms. Also, for those in the streets, we will go out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday taking food to them at three locations. Feeding them and providing for their needs will be a joint effort.

Why is this taking sooooo very long? Political bureaucracy. A Great Idea hatched from first group goes through their bureaucracy. Needing assistance from another group, the second group has to go through their bureaucracy. Then if both of those need assistance from another group, they have to go through their bureaucracy. Then to the Board of Supervisors. Then action can be taken or all is rejected. In the meantime, our Homeless Citizens are getting wet and are very cold. In this process, humans are reduced to a number or just a percentage.

Those of us who have spent most of our time attempting to care for those who have the very least have to live with this fact.

Holy Trinity Parish has been generous to The Upper Room, Nomadic Shelter, and JSS.
This group I am aware of. Others are encouraged to step up. We need YOU/ME to send a donation of money so these providers can serve.