Homeless Bulletin #1

El Dorado Counties COVID-19 task-force regarding our Homeless population is led by Marshall Medical Center’s Dr. Martin Entwistle.

Team leads to date: Communication with the unhoused: Karen (overall) – UR & Maureen/Gayle- Senior Services (Daily calls: motel) Food: Charlie & Karen- Upper Room Transportation: Peg, Don, Bruce – Nomadic Shelter Health: Shaunda- MMC & public health nurses. Safety: Jason- Homeless Outreach Team (HOT). Supplies: Ron – Job’s Shelter (JSS) & Shaunda- Marshall Medical Center (MMC). Social services coordination(mail, banking, etc): Maureen Resources: Megan/Madeline- MMC Environmental impact oversight: Madeline- MMC Overall oversight: Martin– MMC (all of OPS Team processes are approved by Martin & Jason) Notice they are all standing at least 6ft apart! And with masks on!

After packing up food (for 2-3 days) they deliver to three locations where the homeless congregate and pass out the food bags. They do this 3 times a week.
That is
Phase #1

Phase #2 is to get the most venerable homeless into motel rooms. We are planning on having 10 into hotel room to start with and then to expand on up to 20 or more. These homeless persons will get food every day and receive what their hygienic needs are from a “Necessities Menu” prepared by JSS for them and delivered by JSS to each hotel room, thanks to Will. JSS will continue to go to the Upper Room each week to serve the needs of the homeless in our community thanks to Brian. With John filling the orders.

BTW these are the items that we must purchase to give out to our homeless population.

Thank you for your donations to date.


    Happy Easter