Community Outreach

It happened in “God’s” county, the South County of El Dorado County. Little of bricks, concrete and streets galore. This is the “Beauty of The Earth.” Independent people who work hard, expect nothing from anyone, and are truly loving their neighbors who are not crammed up beside them. But many are living below the “Poverty Line.” Yes, OK, I’m partial to “Nature” and the animals and people who inhabit this area. This is my home territory.

A beacon of Hope in this area is the Pioneer Bible Church. And Pastor Jim Eggert.


Our community outreach team went to south county today, enjoying the beautiful weather and lovely landscape of Somerset.  We were able to educate 63 people on Covid-19, wearing masks, social distancing, etc!  Everyone was so kind and asked great questions about all that is going on.  A huge thank you to Ron from Job’s Shelter, Peg and Don Vanderkar, for organizing today, and the super cool team of Pat, Ed, Madeline and Allison from the Public Health Department! 

Shaunda Crane, RN, MS, CWCN, PHN
Director of Care Coordination for Vulnerable Populations 

De De’s church volunteers were giving out food to those in need, while across the street the El Dorado county outreach team was connecting with the citizens of the south county while they awaited their turn in receiving the food packages.

As the cars lined up each of the trained volunteers spoke with the driver and any passengers involved, taking their temperature, answering any of many questions, giving out masks, and detailed instructions on were to go to be tested if necessary. Importantly, reassuring as well as informing the people the hazards and cautions involved with Covid-19. Many did not have access to masks, and thought that this virus was just like a cold and had not take any precautions. Many believed that this Covid-19 Virus was a hoax.

I would suggest many more of these “Outreach” programs be extended to other parts of our County.
To our General citizenry