Homeless Issues #164

Project RoomKey is the program run by the county that places vulnerable homeless people in hotels and addressing that their particular problems while they are in the hotel. They are given instructions and encouragement in anticipation that they become able to go out into our community safely and productively.

Those in the hotels now run about 25 or so. And RoomKey personnel are focusing on helping the homeless in their care to move forward as they are able to address the barriers preventing stable, sheltered living. Those homeless persons chosen have to follow guidelines. The two or three who could not go along with this program were removed from the program.

NOW, when the RoomKey project ends, possibly at the end of July, where do these people go?? Put them back out on the street, back to despair and nothingness?

#1 FACT for a homeless person. If you want “it,” you HAVE to keep “it” with you at all times. If not “it” will be stolen. Now, giving those who have been in the “RoomKey” program a tent and a sleeping bag when they leave, and having them carry a tent and a bag around every day is
LUDICROUS. Tent and bag are gone in two days.

SUGGESTION: Ask the County to give a parcel of land for these persons to legally set up their tent, experience “Community,” and receive assistances from volunteers with various specialties. Having the Hangtown Haven Organization oversee the operation. JSS would provide the 30 tents and bags. Both of these organizations successfully operated such an encampment in the past. The same routine that they now work under could be continued. The same persons now working with these persons would continue to work with them to prepare them for self-sufficiency. Get your County Supervisor and County Health and Services  involved.

Covid-16: As of 07/02, it looks like we have 4 persons in the ICU attempting to recover from the virus. 60% of the cases in our county involves persons ages 18-49. 101 persons have or had tested positive in South Lake Tahoe and 44 in El Dorado Hills. Our two epicenters.

Do I assume that those who do not want to wear a mask, because it infringes on their personal freedoms, also do not buckle up their seatbelts when they drive? Or do they not put their child in a seat restraint because it infringes on their right to be safe? Or go around with open sores infecting others because it infringes on their rights? I wrongly assumed that the educated were educated. Should those spreaders of diseases be educated or incarcerated? This Covid-19 is not a hoax. Go visit an ICU unit. Unfortunately, the spreaders of diseases don’t know or don’t care.


May your “freedoms” not jeopardize the health of others.

Take care good people, and may your God protect and guide you from others who would
               jeopardize your health                   


Ron Sachs