Your on the front line of caring

JSS is your arm on the front line of caring for “those who have the very least.” You, through JSS, are at the Upper Room twice a week distributing the necessities one needs to survive on the street or in the woods, along with the food provided by the Upper Room.  JSS is in direct contact, with your sisters and brothers “Who have the very least.”
Colleen visits every Thursday. And along with the general necessities, she also distributes masks to our sisters and brothers
“Who have the very least.”
Brian visits every Monday to distribute the necessities. Our friends in need vary on who wear masks or not. I have observed that the “cleaner” the recipient is in their upkeep, the more likely they will wear a mask.
John is the one who keeps track of what we are running out of as well as controlling our supplies that we give out. Brian and Colleen both draw from the stock supply that John maintains.
Then we have the Secretary, Doris, then President, Ron,
and the Treasurer, Fred.

And very most importantly we have you, the breathing body of JSS that keeps us in the fight for decent care and understanding of those in our community “Who have the very least.”

Praise for the “Covid-19 Homeless Community Planning Team.” A group headed up by Marshall Hospital and inclusive of many groups in protecting and isolating those in the homeless community who are at greatest risk of catching and spreading the Covid-19 virus. This group is dominated by those groups that have the most experience with this virus on the east slope of ED County but are housing this vulnerable population on the west slope of ED County. JSS started out working with this group but has been phased out by the group for reasons of “efficiency.”

Can this program “morph” into a permeate program for our most venerable and cooperative homeless population? Equipping them to manage their lives better?

It appears that the County Government is following the lead of our County Sheriff, who has indicated, through his head deputy of the H.O.T, that there will not be any permeate shelter or gathering place for those in our community who “Have the very least,” our homeless population. As stated by his lead deputy of H.O.T, (I’m paraphrasing,) “If the Sheriff says no, it won’t happen.”

So, for you and JSS, and others like The Upper Room, Don and Peg of Community Haven, and those who volunteer so faithfully throughout the winter months as well as the rest of the year, we have to continue to do what is right and what some describe as their God’s commandment and will. Our County “Health and Human Services” employees do what they can, with their limited resources but they can’t keep this population warm and fed.

It is going to be cold and wet these coming months. Those without resources are just going to freeze. That is the prognosis as it stands now.

Oh’, By The way. JSS needs a van or SUV in good running condition to supplement the cars we have to use to offer what we have to give out. If someone has one, they can donate it to JSS who would be Greatly grateful.