Homeless Update for Now & W😃inter

I was out to join a group of people on Monday, in fact I was out with the same group the previous 2 Mondays. A happy group, smiles, conversation, ages from around 30ish to 75 and 83. The group of 21persons were getting information from another group of persons who volunteer their time and knowledge to help others. All were clean, all were polite, all were healthy with some of the older ones having “Old Age Issues,” all had beds to sleep in and clean rooms to preside in. I was in a “Homeless Camp” as some would put it. No, not one alcoholic, none on dope, not one mentally challenged beyond control. These are the homeless population we can help get along in life.

Under the leadership of
Shaunda Crane, RN, MS, CWCN, PHN, from Marshall Medical, these two groups come together to help persons to “Navigate” life through their “homeless” period of their lives. The project is called
Room Key. The same type of operation is also going on in the South Lake Tahoe area at a different location. By the way, the 83-year-old woman left the program and chose to live out of her car and travel around.  

These volunteer guides and support individuals are providing information:

      Health insurance (which helps with qualifying for disability for income),
EBT (Food Stamps)
IHSS (In home support workers},
Help with
El Dorado Transit,
Social Security,
Mailing address,
Court and Legal help,
Housing applications,


For anyone wanting to volunteer with this group, phone Shaunda Crane, at 530-735-7339


Winter Shelter
Much more than a “Shelter” it’s a “Pathway.”

 Partnering with El Dorado Community Foundation and Housing El Dorado, the
Upper Room will be operating a New Program; The Pathways Project.
The Pathways Project will identify a cohort of individuals who will receive services beginning December 1st and extending through the winter months that will include sheltering, case management, and a pathway to sustainability in their lives. This program will mirror the very successful Project Room Key currently in operation at a Pollock Pines motel to provide housing for the COVID19 high risk homeless.
Upper Room has submitted a congregate sheltering plan, to the El Dorado County Public Health Department. Upon review by Dr. Nancy Williams, Public Health Officer of El Dorado County, the plan was approved. Dr. Williams was very appreciative of the comprehensive approach that was taken in developing the winter shelter plan.
Under the approved plan Green Valley Church has graciously offered their facilities
for shelter 7 nights a week for up to 20 individuals.  Guests will be provided shelter at the Church and will be transported to and from the dining hall.  Both breakfast and dinner will be part of the service.
Both, volunteers and financial support are needed and if you’d like further information on how you can be a part of the Pathways Project please contact our Program Manager at 
judy@upperroomdininghall.org or visit our website at upperroomdininghall.org
Charlie McDonald
Director of The Upper Room