JSS Homeless #24

Homeless in ED County, some things you want to know.

Here are a few of the organizations that JSS is working with and actively participating with to care of those of God’s children who are disadvantaged or at a loss in our culture.

Community Resource Center (CRC)

CRC’s primary functional goal is to be a resource center, a physical point of light, to assist the local at-risk/homeless population in locating and utilizing El Dorado County’s existing and developing social assistance organizations.

The CRC exists  to assist the at-risk population in any area needed as a day resource center, including personal hygiene, counseling, transportation, clear direction to resources, inter-net usage, a mailing address, secure storage and a message phone, to discern which organizations are appropriate to help the individual, and, when passable, assist in getting the at-risk population connected into the daunting system of available assistance.

Rene Evans Director; 530-344-1864

Nomadic Winter Shelter

The initial organizational team consists of Ms. Rene Evans, of Green Vally Community Church and Director of the Community Resource Center, Pastor Frank Gates of Cold Springs Community Church and LOI 58 coordinator, and Mike Parr of Foothills United Methodist Church and coordinator of F.A.I.T.H.

They now have 4 nights of the week covered with nights 5 and 6 being considered by other churches. Your church or organization can join in by participating in one or more of these opportunities: Set-up; Check-in; Light meal or snack; Interaction; Overnights; Breakfast/Food to go; Clean up; Blanket Laundry; Mat Sanitization; Donations for gas, insurance, and maintenance.

Rene Evans CRC 530-344-1864

Pastor Frank Gates Cell 530-306-9192

Michael Parr Cell 530-333-5787

F.A.I.T.H. Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless

They go out every day of the week to feed the homeless and disadvantaged in our community. They need more volunteers to make the food and persons to deliver the food or do both. It is a great way for your church to get involved and have direct contact with our citizens who are at-risk, homeless, and the “least of these our brethren” who are mentioned in Matthew 25:40 & 45.

Michael Parr Cell 530-333-5787

We are JSS: Working with all who wish to help care for Gods children who are in need. We go to the gathering places of the disadvantaged, at-risk, homeless citizens of ED County and distribute all that is needed to survive the trauma of homelessness. Your contributions of sox, toilet paper, female sanitary pads, tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and the other necessities of homeless living are distributed at least 3 days a week in the summer and 5 days a week in the winter. Check out our web site below.

In His Name

JSS Homeless #23

GOOD PEOPLE!! OK, OK, and a few of you others 🙂

You/We are about to begin the project. Without YOU it could not happen! We have started to lay out the location and position of the “SUPPLY CLOSET”

The guys!

Yes, we are working together with our disadvantaged friends who will benefit in many ways. Here we are plotting the location. The drawings are going to the city to be approved, then the construction with the help of the volunteers.

Art Edwards the Architect; Ed Larson of Pacific Coast building supply; John D’Agostini and his pals the builders; Fred Arth, Bill Tolbert & Keven Gifford the “Do it all’s; Dana LaForce, Janis Carney & Rene Edwards as well as others are the cheering section. And importantly the homeless people who want to help, want something to be proud of, and take great pride in their accomplishments. We pray that the city of Placerville will approve the project quickly so we can have this facility finished by November before the winter months.

You can make donations right from our web-site with your credit card. Just click on our web-site below ……. click on donations ….. click on the credit card you want to use ….. fill in the blanks. Yep …. Please really fill in those blanks 🙂

Please keep us rolling and give us an opportunity to serve those who are really in need.

JSS Homeless #22

:-), :-), :-), 🙂 !

UP-Date from Job’s Shelters of the Sierra

We are on our way, for sure, we pray. The Supply Closet looks like it will be constructed and prayerfully before the winter month set in. Hoop #1, architect drawing will be done by Art Edwards. We have worked together in the past. Hoop #2, approval from the city of Placerville. We have high expectation that it can be pulled off. Hoop #3 Materials list. Hoop #4 Pacific Coast Building Material, Keven Gifford, and others are providing the building materials, Michael Picco will do the electric, and if additional materials are needed, we can get “a good price.” Hoop #5 John D’Agostini and his crew, with others who expressed wanting to help, will start construction. Then a GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!

Dr. “Deb” suggested  borrowing this idea from www.noahswish.com who does the 10-10-4 Animals fund raiser each year where they ask only $10 from 10 people to raise money 4 the Supply Closet.

“So if everyone who receives this email tossed in $10.00 we would have the building! “

Yep! only $10.00 from each of you, except those who have already sent in $100.00 to $500.00, we will have the money to build, furnish, and purchase the un-donated items that we need. Yes, Yes, we will accept more than $10.00.

PLEASE, Send a check!!!!!!!

EASY! And for a great group of people in need, our homeless citizens.


P.O.Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

JSS Homeless #21

Good People, Good People, Good Day

Jobs Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) is as busy as ever each week providing for our homeless population with provisions, support, love, and understanding. Ron Sachs can’t do it alone, his old body just ain’t what it used to be, and resources are thinning out. In any case we have great news.

JSS has been given an opportunity to build the JSS Supply Closet at the new Community Resource Center to replace the one we were locked out of at Perks Court. Yes, an 8 foot by 14 foot building being built by John D’Agostini, a member of our advisory board, and a bunch of his pals. With this collection and distribution Supply Closet, close to the center of the homeless population in Placerville, we can serve, our citizens who are in need with sox, toilet paper, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc. as we have always done and also be at a location that the homeless citizens can receive counseling, access to job opportunities, physical and mental problems addressed, and we pray, assist them to elevate themselves out of homelessness.

But we need the lumber, nails, and roofing materials to do this. $1,220.63. That is what Home Depot said we need to build this unit. Yes, I asked Home Depot for a donation, but that went nowhere. Now I am asking you to help us get this building built.

Your donation will be tax deductible and you will receive a letter to that effect when your donation is received. I pray you will follow through and help us build this unit. We need this unit up and going by mid August. We will need volunteers to help supervise its operation after we get open. Step up, step in, and participate.

Send the donation to:


P.O.Box 1839

Shingle Springs, CA. 95682-9998

Visit our new web site and say HI!

Homeless in July

Good Day Good people:
It has been a while since you heard from JSS, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra. NO, the homeless persons in our community have not all been removed to a palace with all services provided by a benevolent stranger. They are still with us, and many of us are still trying to provided needed services. As the weather changed, so did SOME of the needs. However, socks, toilet paper, “wipes,” are still in great need. And yes, money to purchase what is not donated.

New things are happening:
1. JSS, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, has a new web site. Check it out!
……………..  www.JobsShelters.com ………….. Give it a LOOK! See where the tents you donated went. Over 60 tents last winter. We will have continuning articles relative to homelessness; i.e, reasons and backgrounds of the homeless population.

2. Rene Evans has picked up the fall’n ball from Perks Court and is heading up a Resource Center for the homeless that will incorporate what was planned for Perks Court: laundry service, computer access, showers, resources available to the homeless, and yes, a supply closet managed by JSS as we had at Perks Court. (We, JSS, will need your help in building a shed 9’X10′ to house the clothes and necessities of homeless life.) This will be located next to “The Upper Room.”
Contact me, Ron, at ..Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.com and say, “I’ll help.”

3. Our supply of toilet paper, socks, “wipes,” as well as “summer” pants and shirts is getting low. We are asking you to again collect socks, toilet paper, “wipes,” and “T” shirts and take them for pick-up to: Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd. Cameron Park/Rescue, or to the new Resource Center next to the “Upper Room” on upper Broadway, Placerville. BE sure to put “For JSS” on the supplies that you leave off for distribution to the homeless of our community.

4. Many are putting much effort into preparation for the winter months. You will hear more about those efforts in the future as dreams and desire, efforts, and struggles continue as we strive to serve our homeless citizens.

The homeless citizens of our communities, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Placerville, Pollock Pines, the rual expance of El Dorado County still need our help. Who’s fault is it? ?????????. Most importantly, our moral convections, our religious convictions, and our civic duties all tell us to take care of the citizens of our communities and the “Least of these our brethren.”  

Malibu Joe

They called him “Malibu Joe.” He was one of the many homeless. He lived in a parking lot in Malibu under the oleander bushes. He wouldn’t take hand-outs, but people left things for him and he found food and clothes in the dumpster. He wasn’t a pest or a drinker, but was so loved by the people in the community that they placed a plaque in his memory after he was fatally beaten at age 96, long past his working years on farms in Ventura county. He had lived in Malibu over 30 years.


A visitor observing “Malibu Joe” for the day noted his first meal was an over ripe banana in the afternoon. His evening meal was water with instant coffee, along with a few packets of sugar with bread tossed in. Eaten with the aid of one tooth. He lit his pipe with a magnifying glass. He wore his worn black overcoat over his tattered clothes by day and used it as a blanket by night.


Even though he seemed content, at 96, there had to be times when he didn’t feel good and needed a warm bed.


Artist, Louise Nelson painted a 30 x 40 oil of Malibu Joe in his surroundings from a photo taken by former Pepperdine student, Troy Mayben. She started the painting because it was an interesting character study. As the painting progressed , she began to feel a burden for the homeless. “I realized that thanking god for my warm bed each night was not enough.”


Louise Nelson decided to use the painting as a tool to raise money for the homeless and needy. A total of 950 limited edition prints, signed and numbered,by the artist, have been produced for that purpose.


A minimum bid of $50.00 will allow you to have one of these print’s.


The picture, itself is 16”X21”
Signed by the artist.
Certificate of Authenticity comes with the print.
A letter from Jobs Shelters of the Sierra, noting your contribution will be sent to you.


Avoid Becoming Misplaced

Why do some Homeless persons want to remain Homeless? In the article below, Will Salyards description of Biblical Israel parallels the experience of many homeless. The words in parenthesis will help you see the similarity.

Avoid Becoming Misplaced

Ever think about God’s leading Israel (the homeless) from Egypt (Homelessness)? Like me, you may only consider that achievement in the positive sense: How great a thing. What a great victory and so on. But for a moment consider the negative aspects of the undertaking. These people had been enslaved for multiple generations. What limited self-government they enjoyed was an organic one based on age and its respect. Now some 2 million strong and essentially told when to get up, when to rest, and when to go home, they were hardly candidates for an experiment in self-government much less the ad-hoc, make it up as you go kind that a new nation must create. They were not only challenged in their governing but most likely challenged as well in the fundamentals of everyday life.

What Egypt (Homelessness) provided before their exodus and had come to be a matter of course would no longer be available. Who’s going to…? This is a simple and

direct question but depending on the level of self-sufficiency that Israel (or homelessness) was willing or able to maintain could become a major, even paralyzing, decision. I suggest that’s what happened. On more than one instance the result of their referendum was to return to Egypt (Homelessness) and make nice to Pharaoh in the hopes of getting to be slaves (put down) again.

Be a slave again?! Who would ever? After living through incredible miracles of deliverance, after seeing provisions of food and water appear from nowhere, and the impossible become possible, how could any people say that the slavery of their past was better than the hope of their future? Because for them it was. Literally. I think it is so because Israel had become a misplaced people. That is, they were in a place they had never before experienced. It didn’t matter that their heritage was as a nomadic people – that was 400 years ago – nor that God himself had ordained their journey, what was immediately apparent was the pain of the unfamiliar.

We become misplaced not merely because our surroundings change but because the cultural moorings shift. That was the problem. Although Israel’s (the new homeless) culture shift meant the preservation of a nation (their future), the first real hope for their future, it wasn’t held with the same fondness as the known and familiar. But then it seldom is. As much as we decry sameness, still we crave the security it brings, even when that security comes at the expense of a future.

It’s good for us that personal cultural shifts don’t come along very often. I think it possible that most folks will live their lives and never encounter one. But for those who do the stakes are high. The generation who left Egypt (newly homeless) couldn’t get beyond it. They didn’t found a nation but wandered in the wastelands of great nations. Eventually, they died and were buried neither in their beloved Egypt nor in the new land. No stone marked their passing; no enduring monument marks their achievement. They were misplaced and died in the misery of lost identity.

It seems to me that when our identity is challenged by a personal cultural shift we’re called upon to equip ourselves to meet the challenge. In real terms it means accepting a new reality while giving thanks for the good that was in the old. It means looking for life while speaking words of life and not death. It means seeing that our journey’s are always in the providence of God and that His hand directs the course of our life. I suspect it also means our acceptance and embrace of the belief that through us the course of our personal history, even that of our family, has the opportunity to be altered to the better. (This in most cases is the biggest challenge of the homeless person)

Dr. William J. Salyards Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

“We must recognize that some of the homeless we encounter are afraid of the changes that would occur if they would have to step out of that environment. Thus they remain perpetually homeless. They are content to stay in an environment that they are familiar with. That fear of the unknown, the familiarity with the homeless life is most comfortable.

Ron Sachs

Homeless Issue

Very Good People!
I pray you will give me a little slack on what I am about to write you.
A few months ago a guy phoned me and said he wanted to know somethings about the homeless population in ED County. I get these phone calls periodically and said sure. Figuring I would at least get a free cup of coffee out of it if not more support of our cause, the homeless citizens of ED County. I had heard his name and had seen signage with his last name on it. D’Agostini. Other than that……… this guy wanted to know about what we all have in common, our homeless population. I went at the appointed time and met John D’Agostini.
He asked very pertinent questions, asked for advice, Lose Weight Exerciseed the options, and wanted to visit the homeless encampments. Boy was I impressed. Someone, that I found out who was running for Sheriff, really wanted to know about the insides of the homeless population.
I asked him some law enforcement questions that I had encountered, and he gave me advice and said I could call on him any time for advice. WOW!!!!
I did and then asked John to join the Board of JSS as an advisory on law enforcement issues.  He said yes, and has asked, replied, and advised us on a few issues that presented themselves.
What a difference John D’Agostini would make as the Sheriff of ED County. Past examples as well as another candidate for Sheriff have records of running the homeless off, are suspected of allowing there Deputies/Police to destroy camp sites, and I overheard a conversation by someone close to the city, that after the election there will be a running off of the homeless that congregate at Lumsden Park as well as the providers of the food at Lumsden Park. (They don’t want to stir up anything before the election.)
By the way………………… I had to pay for my own coffee. 🙂

Homeless Issue #20

Greetings with smiles 🙂

Many have asked what has happened since our last homeless Issue that was “one big downer.” Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, JSS, is continuing to serve our brothers and sisters who find themselves homeless as a result of conditions that are innumerable to comprehend. The reasons are unimportant. JSS is here to make existence more tolerable regardless of the reasons. We love all of God’s children and are honored to be in God’s service. We do not discriminate, we are accepting, loving, and pray that when we give of our time, our labors, our heart, we are doing what our inner love for others demands.

So we continue. One of our vans has totally died. It was annualized resulting in a diagnosis that nothing could be done to it to save it and continue delivering the necessities that our homeless citizens need to survive in today’s El Dorado County. The van died in the street. At the same time our crew of three were made to leave the house that they were staying in, putting them in a tent with no transportation. Scattered with the rest of the homeless citizen population.

After our Board met and discussed our options, we chose to save the money needed to rent new space and just start at the beginning of JSS. We moved out of our location on Tuesday during the heavy rains and relocated back to where we began, our garage. Thanks to Dr. Deb for the shelving she provided as well a moral support during this time.

We could not take everything we had from that location so we are asking for the much needed items that our brethren and sisters need to live homelessly. Socks, “TP” (toilet paper), wipes, candles, work pants, summer shirts, deodorant, razors, and again, “Wipes.” These “Wipes” take the place of the showers we expected to be able to provide to the homeless. And our collection of books that were even set up in author alphabetical order is not available now so please don’t forget the books that you have read and are now cluttering up your shelves. Our homeless friends are better off reading something then the alternative that life on the street affords.

All of you have been most generous. Foothill UMC, Shepherd of the Hills, Faith Episcopal, Church of the Foothills, Green Valley CC, Hands for Hope, United Outreach, Cold Springs CC, Only Kindness, Tom/Janis Carney, Glloria Tingley who tried to mediate the misunderstandings, and so many others who have in the past contributed to our efforts.

Remember, the Bible tells us that Job had everything thrown at him and things looked so very dim. But our name sake, kept the faith and prevail against all odds. JSS, and the other providers will help to provide for the “least of these our brethren” with the help from you.

We ask you to again step up and help.

Ron Sachs

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra.

Drop-Off @ Foothill UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd. Cameron Park/Rescue.

Financial contributions. And we do need those donations.


P.O. Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

Homeless Issues #19

Up-Date on Homeless Issues:

Art Edwards has resigned from United Outreach. From my conversations and working with him, he felt way too much resistance by UO board members to allowing day time use of the Perk Court facility for providing services to the homeless in our community. He will appear in another capacity within the homeless providers community. Art is a true believer and doer, when it comes to providing for our homeless. We met while we both volunteered at Grace Place shelter and he took over from Raz about 3 years ago. Maybe 4 years ago??

Our people are now scattered all over the place. Since the warmer weather, some have gone back up to the Pollock Pines area, dispersed to little hid-a-ways and have gone back to being invisible. Thank God for the Upper Room and a Lumsden Park as gathering places.

The present board members Of United Outreach have change the lock on the JSS Supply Closet without letting me or my crew know anything about it. Thus when I went to re-supply the van to make a drop-off at the Upper Room, I could not get in. It appears that they, the new United Outreach Board has confiscated all of our supplies that you have donated to JSS. Bibles for the Bible studies, socks, underwear, “T” shirts, warm clothes, sleeping bags, tents, personal hygiene items, and on and on. All the things that you people have donated to be given out to the homeless population of El Dorado County. We will have to restock and will keep going. As they, new UO, stay dry, only the homeless will get wet and suffer the consequences. One person stated that maybe they are so embarrassed that they could not tell me directly before hand. I had to track it down to find out that yes, they changed the lock. At least they had the insight to be embarrassed. They could have said, Ron move out!

Needless to say, the showers we were going to provide, and the laundry facilities will lay useless to the general homeless population. Ready to be used, sitting useless.

I want to thank everyone who has supported JSS over the years. We did, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of some of our homeless brothers and sisters. We will continue to look after our brothers and sisters who are known as “the least of these our brethren.” We will move on and look towards your continued support, with prayer, efforts, and financial contributions. This is just another challenge on life’s roads. We started with nothing except an idea, a mission, and we will start again. We will continue to keep homeless persons busy with something constructive to do by delivering support items to the homeless of our community.

Please stick with us.