Homeless Issue #151/Shelter Info.

This years Nomadic Shelter is in great need. Here is the rundown that follows.
Host churches for the 2019-2020 season and other possibilities for shelter
Sunday night            –   Cold Springs Community Church        
Monday night           –   Foothills United Methodist Church
Tuesday night           –   OPEN
Wednesday night     –   OPEN
Thursday night         –   Discovery Hills Church.
Needs staffing                                                                           or no go
Friday night              –    Green Valley Community Church
Saturday night          –    Federated Church

Supportive churches for shelter nights: host volunteers or meal provision addressing needs of each host shelter (please let me know if missing a supportive faith community)
Sunday night:    –    St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church
Monday night    –    Holy Trinity Catholic Church (meals 1st & 3rd)
Tuesday night
Wednesday night
Thursday night    –   
++++ seeking new group of volunteers                                             & team leader 
Friday night        –    by host Church: Green Valley Community Church
Saturday night    –    Faith Episcopal, St. Stephens & LDS


Don asked for volunteers to meet with Pastor Chris Feigles to determine what they will need to be successful as the Thursday evening Shelter Host.
Ron suggested that they need at least 20 volunteers per night breaking into three shifts for the evening and overnight.

Please contact Pat Maher (530) 306-6515 or Paul Kodelja (530) 363-6524 (both call/text) if you or your faith community wants to be involved in the worthy effort
We will build a volunteer list and make available volunteer opportunities with written guidelines for the team leader.
There are no kitchen facilities available so all food will need to be easy to serve and either kept in ice chests or room temperature as appropriate for food safety.
Their first shelter night is
NOVEMBER 7th which is not far away. 

We will assist the new team leader with organization and training of volunteers along with Ron, Don, Peg and other Nomadic Shelter  Ministry members. 
the functions we will be covering to begin with are:
     Van Drivers evening (2)
     Check-in/vetting volunteers (4)
     Meal volunteers
     Evening hosts (2) 6:30 – 10:00PM
     1st night hosts (2) 10:00PM – 2:00AM
     2nd night hosts (2) 2:00AM – 6:00 AM
     Morning hosts (2-3)
     Van Drivers morning (2)

Guidelines will be written for each volunteer position using the guidelines from the other Host Church Shelters.
Pastor Feigles will meet with the team leader and give a set of keys for the room as well as demonstrate the outside lighting for use of the restrooms. Volunteers will need to escort guests to bathrooms as they are located outside of the sleeping room.

 So partner Faith Communities, please share this need with your congregation and let us together answer the call to serve as Jesus served.

I will go Lord, if you lead me,
I will hold your people in my heart”


JSS will be providing the shelter guests with a tent and sleeping bag to protect our homeless community from the weather elements on the non-shelter nights. We had 170 registered guests in the shelter last year. If we provided a tent and bag ($45.00 cost) for each person this year of 170 it would cost $7,650.00.
This year JSS is only giving out tents and bags to those who are signed up for the Nomadic Shelter. And only to those who have not received a tent and/or bag with in the last 12 months. As those who receive tent/bag sign a document that they understand that they will not receive but one tent/bag within a 12-month period.
JSS will distribute as long as supply last. When that runs out. No more tents or bags. We anticipate we might receive/have, prayfully, $4,500.00 for tents/bags as of now.
Keep in mind JSS also supplies toilet paper, men’s and women’s underwear, socks, razors, toothbrushes and paste, women’s sanitary napkins, etc. all year long and these have to be bought as supplies diminish. JSS clothing is all donated and we give out what we have when we have it.


Homeless Issue #150/Homeless Village


14 Forward Tiny Homes Village                  

County planned visit to a program in Yolo county.


The 14 Forward Tiny Homes Village’ located north of Sacramento at 940 14th St, Marysville, CA 95901, is, to the best of their knowledge, the first sanctioned Tiny Homes Community in California. Hangtown Haven proceeded it by 6 years.


It consists of 20 12′ x 8′ Tiny Houses constructed using Tuff Sheds,’ the interiors little more than a shell — no plumbing, electricity, cooking or heating, initially furnished solely with a bed or beds. Bathing, showering and food are provided in a church adjacent to the village, while laundry is off-site. Dogs are allowed on-site but not in the units.


The village is designed to be transitional — Intended for homeless people currently living out of doors who are to be provided with more permanent housing in 30-90 days, while attending to medical, mental health, and other needs of the residents.

The total cost to create the village is reported to have been $200,000 ($10,000 / unit), with some $100,000 spent on the Tuff Sheds” and their transformation. Some $100,000 was provided by Yuba County.


Most impressive is that the project took only a few months to come together, and just three weeks from arrival of the ordered Tuff Sheds until the village was ready to accept its first residents. (Can this County move that fast?) This is a demonstration of what can be done with a bit of organization and a lot of will. For less than off-quoted estimates of the cost of a single affordable unit, more than twenty people and their pets are no longer homeless, their ability to receive services has been enhanced, they needn’t worry every night if their possessions will be stolen while they sleep, and they can look forward to the prospect of getting permanent housing. A similar test project can and should be undertaken in Berkeley, Oakland or elsewhere in Alameda County, with an eye towards rapid expansion. While the particulars may be different in different locales, the Yuba City village is a proof-of-concept for California. It’s time to stop talking and start housing. This is not much more then the tents that JSS provided the homeless in El Dorado County at Hangtown Haven..


   ……..These, plus bathrooms would have to be added on site and are the most expensive services that would have to be provided and maintained.


What needs to be overcome


Land. Who will allow it and get the “use permit”? Do County building laws allowing a person to sleep in such a structure, and Overseen by whom?


A group traveled all the way to Yolo County to see their tiny building, here is one that Art Edwards of Hangtown Haven designed and  had built in 2013 for you to compare. It cost $2500 at the time.

           A house with a wooden doorDescription automatically generated           A wooden tableDescription automatically generated      


This, just before the city of Placerville shut Hangtown Haven down.     

ED County, take action! PLEASE!!!!  


What do we do with the Addicted/Mentally challenged?  


Nomadic Shelter & Homeless Issues #146

It is time to gear up for the winter months to assist “Those who have the very least,” the Homeless population El Dorado County.

Host churches
for the 2019-2020 season.

a. Sunday night            Cold Springs Community Church      
b. Monday night           – Foothills United Methodist Church
c. Tuesday night           – OPEN
d. Wednesday night     – OPEN
e. Thursday night         –
Discovery Hills Church
f. Friday night               – Green Valley Community Church
g. Saturday night          – Federated Church
Supportive churches for shelter nights: host volunteers or meal provision addressing needs of each host shelter
a. Sunday night: –
St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church
b. Monday night – Holy Trinity Catholic Church
c. Tuesday night
d. Wednesday night
e. Thursday night –
Christ Like Services
f. Friday night – Host Church: Green Valley Community Church
g. Saturday night – Faith Episcopal & LDS
Why can’t the County come up with just an unused county building with room and bathrooms????? The volunteers of the Nomadic Shelter would cover the staffing of the shelter nights at the facility. Come on County! Just Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I would pray that there is at least one employee with the County who would act as “Overseer.”

This year we now have the cooperation of the County Sheriff Department and the Placerville Police Department assisting and not harassing our homeless population. At the September Nomadic Shelter general meeting our law enforcement departments will be there giving support to our efforts.

I recently had a conversation with a homeless person who was strongly condemning all the police. His “beef” was for being jailed for “loitering.” He had no comprehension about laws and who must enforce those laws or why there are such laws. Also, his attitude was much like “Me” and I don’t care about anything else. His mind set was that all police are making trouble for him. But that is not true! His mind was made up that the police were after him. How do we overcome that? I am working with the Sheriff H.O.T. (Homeless Outreach Team) and watch them interact with the homeless population who want assistance and are grateful for the help. I have seen deputies stand by as one under the influence of drugs is doing outrageous gyrations harming no one in the process, as they express themselves. The deputies stand by with understanding. That made me proud of our Sheriff Dept.

Big Night! Great people! Nomadic Shelter Benefit Dinner!

Nomadic Shelter Benefit Dinnerchairperson Paul Kodelja reporting:

a. Date/Time:  Saturday October 12, 2019 from 5:00PM-9:30PM

b. Location:  Holy Trinity Parish, 3111 Tierra de Dios Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA (located off of Country Club Dr. between Cambridge and Bass Lake Roads

c. Menu:  baked penne pasta with sausage, salad, garlic bread, coffee.

And one of the funniest comics you will ever hear is preforming.


$25.00 tax deductible if you pay by check. Put in an extra $25.00 for someone who can’t afford to pay the price.

An All New Beginning is Awaiting You and I and All “Those Who Have the Very Least” Who, Try, Endure, and Understand. Life is All New Beginnings.
God Bless Us All.

Ron Sachs

Thank goodness! Only Kindness Inc., the non-profit that has been on the streets as long, if not longer than JSS, is reopening their office in the old Placerville sub-station in the Dollar Store shopping center. It will not be a “drop in” but by appointment for the homeless to register with HMIS and learn all the resources that are available to the homeless person applying. JSS plans to team up with Only Kindness in the distribution of tents and sleeping bag for our homeless population as we had done in the past. Great news!



Winter/Rain Is upon us!

170+ persons registered with the Nomadic Shelter last year. Tuesday and Wednesday nights of rain will not be covered this winter season. JSS has traditionally supplied tents and sleeping bags for our homeless population throughout the year. This year JSS does have a god supply of sleeping bags but are out of tents. Each person is entitled to one tent and one sleeping bag within one twelve-month period. Our homeless need at least 50 tents to start off with. That is 50 tents @ $23.00 for a tent that will accommodate one person and their backpack and belongs. Or $1,150.00. (Last year a group wasted a lot of money on what turned out to be children’s “Backyard tents” that did not accommodate an adult and their belongings.) We need those tents now! Will you step up and help to shelter our “Brothers and sisters who have the very least,” our homeless?
I beg.


Ron Sachs and the JSS hygiene/clothing distributors, Brian, Will, John, Richard, and Jerry/Betty.


County/Cities Big meeting about Homelessness

 Meeting of 09/06/2019

All County Supervisors, all, of both City Council members “Super informative” meeting open to the public regarding Homelessness held at the County fairgrounds.!

The following is my opinion regarding this “Super Informative” meeting and shared by many of those who attended praying that the County of El Dorado would have a workable plan to alleviate homelessness among the single, bothersome, homeless persons on our streets and in our community.

What it was: two and one-half hours of County Government trying to sell the idea of the county paying the “HomeBase” Law practice to come up with a “Strategic overall plan for alleviating homeless in El Dorado County.” LONG TERM, (like when we reach Mars.) 2 ½ hours of slides and double talk, in a warm room sitting on hard chairs, illustrating on a screen data that was then admitted to not be accurate for this time in space.

78% (480) of our homeless are unsheltered. 47% have spent their entire lives in El Dorado County. 18% have been in the county for a period of 5-10 years. 60% are first time homeless. 53% are over 45 years of age. 85% identify as white race. 27% encountered domestic violence. 46% are looking for work. 18% are accessing benefits. 78% not accessing benefits. These following figures do not jive with the 480 unsheltered homeless as stated above. In 2019, 115 individuals were experiencing chronic homelessness. 46 veterans experiencing homelessness, 20 families experiencing homelessness. These figures were displayed on a large screen. Then came the disclaimer after 2 hours of this in the hot, uncomfortable chairs. Every County, City, administrator was there to speak. At least 30. None of them had anything new or enlightening to contribute for acting on any solution within any time soon.

Big, Biggest Highlight of the meeting was a 8-minute presentation by Undersheriff Randy Peshon regarding the accomplishments and efforts of the Sheriff Departments H (homeless) O (outreach) T (team). They are the only county organization that is making progress in facing the homeless “problem” today, last month and next weeks, and making a change for those in the single homeless population. They are assisting not harassing. AND the assertion and information expressed by the County District Attorney in his 5 minutes at the mike. 13 minutes worth of useful information out of 2 1/2 hours of nothingness for our homeless population..

I walked out after 2 ½ hours and understand others also walked out after me.


1 ½ months away the County can’t come up with a space to shelter our homeless population for just 2 nights per week during the winter months. Our participating faith community would provide staffing. All the county would be accomplishing is helping the faith community by providing a space to care for the citizens of this county that the County Supervisors who are elected to protect and help the county citizenry can’t or won’t do.

But instead of action, we have experienced 2 ½ hours of propaganda and “Fake News.” (Remember the disclaimer regarding the figures?)

Here is the link to all of the sales pitch and propaganda.



Only about 350 persons open this newsletter out of the 460 we send out. We are asking you to send this on to any and all to open their eyes to the inaction of caring for “the least of these our brother and sisters” who live in our community.

Ron’s personal opinion.       


Mental institutions and our Homeless

Our mentally challenged Homeless population has been estimated to be 50% to 80% of our homeless population depending on one’s source. With 600 homeless persons in El Dorado county, that is a lot of people. Where do we put them? Who is to care for them? We put them in a benevolent mental facility! But where is a mental facility and where did they go? And should they be returned? ….  “Institutions first started opening their back doors (releasing long-term residents) around the mid-1950s, then starting to close their front doors (admitting fewer people, especially for longer stays, and reducing the number of available beds within institutions) starting around the late 1960s and the early 1970s to the mid-1980s, then shutting down in earnest from the mid-1980s onward,” Cohen of the Nomura Research Institute said.

Using data from state mental health agencies, the NRI (Nomura Research Institute) found that across 22 states, a total of 62 psychiatric hospitals were closed or consolidated between 1997 and 2015. According to Cohen, the aim of deinstitutionalization was to move severely mentally ill people out of state institutions for treatment in less restrictive environments. But it left many severely mentally ill patients with nowhere to go.

“Society after World War II discovered a new passion to solve social problems and include the excluded, and all sorts of institutions (including orphanages, institutions for mentally retarded persons, homes for unwed mothers, youth detention centers, etc.) were phased out, with their residents often in effect kicked out from where they had lived for years,” Cohen said.

We now have these as our
homeless population.

The deserted former Juvenile Detention Center could be converted to such a place to treat and care for our mentally challenged homeless population during the day and  open it in the evenings to the current Nomadic Shelter to run as an overnight shelter for our other homeless persons now living in El Dorado County.

Legal challenges to the practice of incarcerating a person against their will whether or not they are competent to make challenges, would be a county/state government problem. During the night, the Nomadic Shelter has the experience of housing the unaffected homeless population in a portion of that complex.                       


Homeless Issues #148

Homeless Issue #148                                 08/12/19

Shariff Dept. updates:

The overall County homeless population is about 600 as of 2018. The Sheriff Dept. has “Outreach” contact with about 84 of those as of 2019. A sampling of 192 of the homeless that the Homeless Outreach Team have actively worked with in 2019 shows that 103 housed; 40 still actively homeless; 11 travel between cities/counties or refuse services; 14 incarcerated; 8 entered into treatment; 16 who have just wandered off. It is the mission of the Homeless Outreach Team to break the cycle of homelessness through various service offerings and outreach.

HOT does not maintain statistics for individuals who have living circumstances such as an RV, a car or are “couch surfing.” These numbers do not account for incorporated areas such as Placerville or South Lake Tahoe.

Thank you, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dept.

How many of our homeless are mentally challenged and to what degree? Addicted, and to what degree? These are the ones who are the face of homelessness. The populous does not notice those who are just like you and me but without money to rent space and purchase food. These are the “forgotten” homeless. These are the ones we can assist with the help of the Sheriff’s Dept. and other County agencies.

The others? I suggest benevolent and trained staff incarceration.


Using the old Juvenile Detention Center.

Can it be used as a year-round Homeless complex, a mental facility; or, as there are enough buildings to house both facilities, keep it for both, or tear it all down??? The Center housed persons just a short time ago, and it is ready to be occupied with just some volunteer labor to spruce it up a little and make minor repairs if needed.

The County needs guidance on this issue. Please keep up communicating with your County Supervisor. We do not this set on a back burner and not “Just wait to see what happens.” The opposition to using the buildings for the homeless is at work attempting to block those buildings being used for homeless issues.


              When the ball is in our own back court

A transplant moved in behind us and called code enforcement on everyone on our street in Georgetown. I have been housing a friend slash uncle in our trailer out back. He was in and out of jail and had a real alcohol problem. We got him off alcohol and he goes to church every Sunday. And Has Not been arrested since. But code enforcement says build a structure for him or kick him out on to the streets. I have asked our supervisor to help. She is trying but. Code enforcement is threatening us. I have said I’m not going to kick said Uncle out.

       Supervisor of 4 can’t or won’t step in? A Sorry Fact.

Does your organization need a speaker?

Need to be informed?


I have a 30-minute DVD presentation that shows the operation of JSS in action and also one showing the Nomadic Shelter at each location as well as bring to your group the realities of homelessness.

With or without the DVD, I point out the misconceptions and misunderstandings that get in our way when thinking of homelessness. The questions and debate portion of the presentation is most helpful to all attending. Just e-mail me for dates, time, and location of your gathering. Ron@JobsShelters.Org        


Homeless Issues #147


Homeless Issue #147                                              07/23/19


JSS works with many organizations providing the necessities for living on the street.

Christlike Services Women’s House.

Periodically the women in the Christlike Women’s house will gather up the homeless women and takes them to the house for showers as well as a facility to clean their clothes. The first Friday night had four homeless women trying it out. As the word spreads, more will come. JSS provides clothing, underwear, lotions, all hygienic needs and a few “odds and ends,” on those occasions.

Meanwhile over at the Christlike Men’s house, JSS provides tents and sleeping bags for a group of 5 or more men who go camping and practice sobriety in an effort to get off the drug/alcohol habit and receive direction in life habits. This program has been successful. Many, if not most, of the men helping in the Nomadic Shelter during the winter months are graduates of this program. They are trusted, and some are paid for their supervision of the homeless guests at the host churches. Other men are out on work projects (“Ready Labor”) at various homes doing yard work to small building projects. Call 530-622-1267 to hire day labors who are insured and documented.




Assisting not harassing 


(Sheriff Dept. Homeless Outreach Team)

Participants:    EDSO HOT, El Dorado County Behavioral Health, EDC Mental Health, Community Health, Marshall Medical, The Lighted Candle, Walmart, JSS Job’s Shelters of the Sierras, Capital Aire Systems


BH FIELD ASSESSMENTS PREFORMED:   7 – This is the initial screening for entry/assessment to receive a funding package and treatment via rehab/transitional housing.

TYPES OF DONATIONS:   • 8 Loads of laundry completed

                                                250 gallons of water

                                                Supplies for wound care

                                                Camping supplies/toiletries (JSS)

                                                Clothing/Shoes/ Cold weather (JSS)

                                                Feminine hygiene (JSS)


OFFERED:                                   Family Counseling

                                                       Substance   Abuse

                                                       Physical abuse

                                                       Sexual assault

             Check In/Check out area to ensure               quality  data collection.

OPPORTUNITIES   FOR         Creating individual spaces for participating FUTURE TRAILER DATES:       services to ensure privacy/room to  work

                                                     Additional seating area

                                                     Different signage

                                                     Narcan distribution 8t training

                                                     Sharps containers (willing              individuals)

                                                     Donations to provide basic medical supplies &                    

                                                       Treatment training/

Next H.O.T. “Trailer Day” will be with the Placerville Police Dept. and in the city of Placerville. July 31st.


Unused Juvenile Hall to Homeless Shelter        
still up in the air!

The “Experts” in providing overnight care and service to the homeless population at night is the Nomadic Shelter. The “Experts” in educating, inspiring, and motivating the homeless population during the day light hours is Christlike Services.

A joint effort for the Juvenile Hall facility?

Mr. Don Semon is the Director of HHSA and is responsible for the Juvenile Hall re-purposing Use Analysis and recommendations to the BOS.  He will not be making the decision; it will be the five BOS who will make the decision.


Or any other excess building the county might have?

The homeless were in Placerville before HangTown/Placerville were here.

They will be here long after HangTown/Placerville are long gone.


Ron Sachs               

Homeless Issues #146a

I forgot to send you the E-Mail address of each member of the Board of Supervisors. Here they are:              
District #1….  bosone@edcgov.us  
District #2….  
District #3.… 
District #4…. 
District #5…

Tell them you want them to give the Juvenile Hall to the Nomadic Shelter and also to allow for a Mental Health facility to operate year-round at that location.

Send that e-mail out today because the Supers will vote on it Friday.

Thanks again for your activism. We need your comments.



Homeless Issues #146

Homeless Issues #146                                                       06/26/19



The old Placerville Juvenile Hall is now going to be repurposed by the county on June 30. We strongly suggest that the compound can be used year-round by the Nomadic Shelter, a resurgence of the successful Hangtown Haven project, and as a Mental Health facility for our mentally challenged. It has two wings that could be conveniently separated and distinctive if need be. JSS strongly asks for your involvement by e-mailing your County Supervisor supporting this effort. Tell your supervisor that you support giving the old Juvenile Hall to “Community Haven,” Inc. and making it into a year-round homeless shelter combined with a mental health facility BEFORE June 30th.  God bless you!


 A very big development has been taken to integrate the Placerville city police with the County Sheriff Dept and their HOT team. The county sheriff deputies will have a Placerville office riding with them in the city of Placerville. There will be concentration on the addicts and mentally challenged who are destructive and will assist the homeless population who are not destructive and are in need of assistance. This is a GREAT change and a sensible step in attempting to help solve our population who just do not have the resources to afford housing.


The Sheriff Dept. assisting our population “who have the very least,” not harassing them.

We have to understand that the homeless population does not vote, and those governing are elected by those who do vote. In Placerville as in many places there are groups of voting persons who do not want the homeless on our streets, but do not want to pay for a solution to the problems they present.


The Sherriff Dept. is having another gathering of providers to assist those who have the very least in our population much like the one held in the Walmart parking lot early in the month. This time it will be in the fields behind the old Kmart shopping center. (BTW what will that shopping center be called since Kmart is gone?????????) JSS will be there with The Lighted Candle, the Sherriff Dept. and others.

 Ron and the JSS group thank you.       



Homeless Issues #145

Homeless Issue #145                                                   06/01/19

El Dorado County Sheriff Dept. is working WITH us!
Yes, the El Dorado County Sheriff Department has gathered together some of the
Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless service providers in our county to gather at different locations for a well-advertised event within the homeless community, an opportunity to distribute what these providers have to give to our Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless persons. This gathering will take place at different locations and at different days throughout the summer months. The Sheriff Dept., The Lighted Candle as well as JSS, were there, with your donations making that possible, JSS will be there at each different location within the county.
                       Richard                         Ron

              JSS has just ordered the following:  

144 tubes of toothpaste, 144 sticks of deodorant, 72 sticks of lip balm, 56 pair of men’s boxer briefs, 30 pair of men’s white briefs, as well as 70 pair of women’s underwear, 288 rolls of toilet paper; plus, the socks we have on hand now. All those items must be paid for. Will you help us out?

The LDS community has donated $1,500.00 worth of clothing from their gigantic warehouse in Sacramento. We depend on donations to carryout our mission to the addicted/ mentally challenged and homeless population without enabling them. These are just the basics for human hygiene. Remember that the addict/mentally challenged and homeless do not have places to keep/store what they are not using in the moment. All the jackets and cold weather gear has now been abandoned or discarded.

With the 140 tents and sleeping bags we have given to the addicted/mentally challenged and the homeless who are without shelter in the past year, and more in need again this year; we must restock. We are approaching our financial red line. This is all for the “Least of these our brothers and sisters.”
                                                                            Please send us a check! JSS receives no money from any government agency or from any Foundations local or otherwise. Only from you!

Many, Many, thanks for those who contribute to the “Can” each month!!

I am asking you to take some time, like one hour, to view this presentation


Please take your time. This is important. As I have advocated in the past, the only solution is Benevolent Incarceration as depicted in this presentation.. 

Ron Sachs