Homeless Issues #58

Crisis Time, two issues.
Moving HangTown Haven to a new location by November 14th. We
have been asked by a County Supervisor to engage, and get local
especially in District 3, to endorse, get behind and support erecting
the new HangTown Haven project at Perks Court. (The Supervisor has to
know that he will be blessed and not cursed if he backs this move) This
property is located in District 3, thus a strong endorsement by churches
and organizations in that District is vital to having a sober, safe,
place for persons who will follow rules and cooperate in managing a
living area for homeless individuals.

are asking Churches and Organizations to write a letter of
endorsement/support by your church congregations, organizational
membership, and individuals to Supervisor
Brian Veerkamp, District 3 El Dorado County, 330 Fair Lane,
Placerville, CA. 95667 OR to your Supervisor of your District at the
same address. OR send an E-Mail to …….. BOSTHREE@edcgov.us
or if you are in another district, send it to BOSone@edcgov.us ;
BOStwo@edcgov.us; BOSfour@edcgov.us; BOSfive@edcgov.us.
need their approval to set up the encampment, their endorsement for
special use permits; and since the property is zoned commercial, no
zoning issues should arise, but just might arise. We need this in
addition to the 300 signatures we have on the petitions you already sent
in. We are asking for a 5-year lease. Please send a copy of what you
send to; HangTown Haven, PO Box 89, Placerville, CA. 95667, or back to
this e-mail address.

This is a “BIGGIE” for Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)
distributes, delivers, to the homeless encampments in El Dorado County
and to churches in the South County that serve the homeless population
in their area, and has done so for 6 years. Distribute and deliver are
the key words we have to address. The 2005
Jeep Liberty that is used to make the pick-ups and deliveries has
90,327 miles on it and now  has major medical problems. The body is in pristine condition. Without that Jeep, we are out of business.

The diagnoses: By The Auto Analyst located on MotherLoad.

Checked for the #5 cylinder misfires, which the vehicles #5 cylinder is
constantly counting misfires from that cylinder. We performed a
cylinder leak down test=40% going past the intake valve, indicating
there is a valve seating problem. Suspect there is a problem with the
valve being burnt, worn valve seal or seat, causing carbon to build up
on the valve.This will require removing the cylinder head to further
inspect what needs to be done.”
COST: $2700.00 to  $3400.00

JSS does not have that kind of money. Can you help? Or your group help? If you can, please send checks to; JSS, P.O. Box 1839, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998 OR
leave it off at Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Dr. Rescue/Cameron
Park. JSS has a box there. WE can also accept credit card donations
through PayPal via our web site below. OR
you can pay The Auto Analyst directly after it is done, if they will
accept that condition. I very much dislike to beg; we are a very giving
organization. But we have to.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #57

Yes, we are back.Homeless Issues was
knocked out completely
; lost everything in the way of contacts. If you know of anyone who is not getting this latest issue of Homeless Issues, please pass on their e-mail address to me.

HangTown Haven has initiated their own recovery support program/system and now holds regular meetings on Mondays. Those persons who are required to attend a recovery program as a condition of staying at HangTown Haven, still have to attend those required meetings held by others. This “home grown” support system is run by those staying at HangTown Haven themselves. We all support their desire to recover from whatever addiction they are now struggling with. Your support is also welcomed.

We can be proud of the people who have stayed at HangTown Haven who have progressed into a state of stability, found jobs, volunteer with service providers such as the CRC, Mercy Way Rescue, Green Valley CC, JSS and
others. They are contributors to our community. Not takers! 66 persons, plus the 27 guests we have now, a total of 93 persons, have stayed at HangTown Haven since it opened.

Rumors and negativity abound in the homeless population. HangTown Haven, as in all places where people stay, hotels, motels, aunt Lucy’s, etc., cannot control what people do within their enclosed space; and they cannot be monitored. HangTown Haven does not allow any drug or alcohol usage on site. When someone is caught breaking the rules, they are witnessed by more than one CC member, written up, and are discharged from HangTown Haven. What they do off the HangTown Haven property is out of HTHI control and becomes a city police matter. Is it possible that someone staying at HTHI is selling something illegal off the property? Yes, very possible, the same as staying in a hotel, motel or aunt Lucy’s house. We are not naive; sure some might have gotten past us, but they will be discovered and “kicked out”. 27 persons have been ask to leave because of not following the
rules set down. As of 4/12/13, there are 26 guests
staying at HangTown Haven and following the rules.

All of the non-profit organizations are in need of financial support. Please do what you can.
The Community Resource Center  just submitted a
business wish to Intuit’s Small Business Growing Strong campaign.
granting wishes worth up to $5,000 this spring, and the CRC could be one of
How can you help? If you’d like to support the Community Resource Center
in Placerville, vote for our wish to
come true and spread the word at: http://bit.ly/16zmtGu.You can vote every day for as long as this opportunity is available.

JSS has provided 127 sleeping bags, 146 tents, 56 tarps, in one year between April 2012 and April 2013 to our homeless population. And  April is not over yet! And thousands of socks and rolls of toilet paper.

Homeless Issues are a collection of observation and opinions of Ron Sachs.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issue Hacked

Friends; Yep, Homeless Issues was Hacked last Wednesday. All has been reported to Yahoo security. All 630 address were wiped out.

SOOOOOoooooo, You are the first 357 to receive this notification,
out of the 630 address’, that
I have been able put back in. I only have 300 more
to go.
NO! I am not in the Philippians, correctly, JSS could use the $1,600.00, but not to “set me free.” I pray that no-one
sent any

Issues will be sending out this letter to the remaining 300 people.
Then I pray that a regular issue of Homeless Issues will be forth coming
with great news about

HangTown Haven, CRC, Nomadic Shelter, Mercy Way Rescue, JSS, and the
other providers of services to the homeless population of El Dorado

Homeless Petition



Whereas: HangTown Haven has
proven over an extended period of time to be

a clean, sanitary, safe, well operated and unobtrusive facility in which

responsible homeless people can live;

Whereas: HangTown Haven has
proven to require no cost and minimal effort

by the City of Placerville;

Whereas: There are many
responsible homeless people in Placerville
and in EI

Dorado County living with minimal shelter and inhumane, unsafe and u


Whereas: However, some
homeless people living outside of HangTown Haven

often create a nuisance in the community and dangerous public
health and wild

fire conditions;

Therefore: The undersigned
or e-mail residents of the area petition the Board of

Supervisors of EI Dorado County and the City Council of the City of Placerville to

take the following actions:

Allow HangTown Haven to continue to operate at 1688 Broadway until an
alternative location can be found in the city or county and


work with representatives of the non-profit organizations working

with the homeless community to evaluate sites that might provide a

permanent facility or facilities for responsible homeless people living in

the greater Placerville area.

3)    Develop a permanent facility or
facilities modeled after
HangTown Haven

for all homeless people living in the greater Placerville

Sponsored by a coalition of
homeless advocates
Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #55

“Homeless Issues” is the Newsletter of the Homeless advocates in El Dorado County.

I was reminded that HangTown Haven is only approved by the City of Placerville, to be in existence only until November of this year. What then?????

One estimate of providing services to the homeless population is that the
savings our community would see (over the eighteen months because of
Hangtown Haven being in operation and for the average thirty people we will
have during that period) is:  $27,504X 30X 1.5(years) = $1,237,680. Wow!
Could that be true?
Many will say that it applies only to LA and not to
here. Maybe. It would be interesting to see how they arrived at their

our numbers,
I would estimate that the total cost for Hangtown Haven
for the eighteen months beginning last July would be approximately
$40,000. This makes the average cost per person per month:
$40,000/30/18 = $ 74, far less than  the “supportive housing” figure
shown in the LA report. Financially, our “tent city” is the way to go. We
have no idea what our community’s  corresponding costs are for a
homeless person living on the street.
way to look at this is that our community would save:
$27504X30=$825,120 a year for the thirty people living at the haven if
we had a shelter.
Consequently, we could build one spending $825,120 a
year for it and still break even.

Some have asked about staying in a tent in 20 degree weather. Well, warm up the tent! ;>)
The safest method is to get a metal coffee cans, attach a handle, and
put large rocks into them. Then place them by the fire that is going
during the day. The fire heats up the rocks and the can. When you turn
in for the night, put the heated can and rocks in your tent. Cuddle up
in your combination of sleeping bag and blankets.  The can of rocks, warms up the tent,
and in the morning the rocks and can will still be a little warm. Yes,
it does work. And thank you, to those who have donated wood to keep that
fire going. We can always use more as that fire goes from 6:00 AM until
10:00 PM every day. You are not only warming the hearts of others; you
are warming the whole body. Metal coffee cans would be appricated. Metal
not plastic ;>)

HangTown Haven is accenting the need to wash ones hands often to decrease the spread of germs
that could cause health problems for The Haven as well as those who go
to the Nomadic Shelter at night. HangTown Haven is a safe, organized,
and responsible Haven for those in our community who have the least. I want to congratulate the greater community volunteers
who give up three hours a week to assist the HangTown Haven Community
Council in the effort of keeping it safe and organized. If you want to
volunteer, contact Don Rake at … don.rake@yahoo.com ….

I was given a Petition to review and would like to pass it onto you. This
Petition addresses where and what will happen in November when the City
of Placerville says we can no longer have HangTown Haven at our present
location. I will send out the Petition soon after you receive this
newsletter. I pray you will return the Petition by e-mail  to me with  a statement saying that you concur and support the Petition. This newsletter goes out to 600 persons and I would love to end up with at least 500 responses.

those who might be receiving this newsletter for the first time, you
can go to the web site below and read all the other 54+ newsletters
going back five years, and see the progression and regression of the
Homeless Issues in El Dorado County.

This is only from observations of, and opinion of;

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #54

I have to clear up a misconception.
“Homeless Issues” is not a spokesperson or newsletter of HangTown Haven
Inc.. “Homeless Issues” is purely a newsletter reporting on issues
affecting the homeless population.
“Homeless Issues” has been
running for over eight years now. HangTown
Haven is a “new entity” in the homeless community of El Dorado County.
“Homeless Issues” has brought up unpopular, to some organizations,
revelations, regarding the people who want to help those in our
community that have the least.as well as those who don’t.  I heard that I
“should be fired” from
something that I was never hired for, because of my reporting the facts
that homeless, mentally challenged, and just plain lost people, need
help from our County and municipal governments.

Case in point:
My story regarding a person I called “Jordon,” 62, mentally challenged,
and in need of help. What was available through county, city, and
non-profits for the mentally challenged person was zero. A private
citizen, Laurie Marchant and a homeless guest living in a tent, Larry
Alluman, worked hard to place “Jordon” in an assisted living facility
where he is now doing great–interacting and smiling. This is in-spite
of the inaction of the groups within ED County who are charged to
protect and assist those citizens with mental issues and within their
spheres of influence.

The city of Placerville, with a very big
shove and persistence of Wendy Mattson and Cleve Morris, pulled off a
monumental and historical achievement in bringing
HangTown Haven to life. I have found that they took on a very big controversial subject and prevailed in accomplishing “the right thing to do.” God bless you guys.

The homeless have “weathered” the storms this winter well. The folks that help out in the Winter Shelter Program should all be congratulated for the work that they do.
Those who are homeless and do not want to go by the rules that apply
while they are in the churches, still find a place to curl up.

The official reply from Mercy Way Rescue is as followes;
“Mercy Way Rescue –
Mission, Church & Sanctuary would like
to thank the Placerville City Council for approving our Conditional Use
Permit.  We are excited to be able to move forward with our
leadership team to implement the city requirements and to begin making the
building improvements.  We also look forward to continuing to be able
to participate in the Winter Nomadic Shelter.

Way Rescue-Mission’s part in the Nomadic Shelter and other services is
not only grand but so necessary that the Shelter program would come to a
stop. Again the city council of the city of Placerville prevailed in accomplishing “the right thing to do.” We thank you.

The CRC is doing their part in staying open on Saturday during the winter months. Good job guys!

old business, I would ask if any progress has been made in getting the
County Government involved in helping to finance HangTown Haven, or
establishing a County funded “Haven” for our county cousins who are not
allowed to stay at HangTown Haven because they have never been
citizens of the city of Placerville? I know that
HangTown Haven has more space for those who are from EL Dorado County
but not from Placerville city. Come on County and get the backbone that is prevalent in Placerville City. And city, open your door to others from our County.

The $34,123.93 donated to start-up and maintain HangTown Haven in 2012
came from 56 individuals and/or organizations, Of those 56, only16 came
from persons who live within the city of Placerville. 0 donations came from either Placerville City or
El Dorado County governments.
WE do have to thank the city for the Special Use permits though.

really unsung hero in service to those who have the least in the areas
of our county that we seldom hear about, should be congratulated and
“Held on High.” I submit for this honor: Pioneer Bible Church, out in Somerset/Mt Aukum in the south county. They have twice a week gatherings distributing clothing and food. Thank you and God bless all of you there.

This is only from the observations of, and opinions of;

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #53

The Volunteer

We do not for fame or fortune,

The exhilarating feeling of success, the accomplishment felt
No one knows the feeling, how can you begin to explain?
The roads not paved, the jungle uncharted,
We welcome the challenge open hearted.
The worries, the stress, even the second guess
Sometimes, even the bite in the ass!
We do because we care.
The hours go by, time does pass
But we will not stop just because they are “bottom class”
We will argue, we will fight, all for what’s right,
To help those so they will not sleep on the street tonight
The hours are long, the people are rough,
But we will never say “that’s enough”
For those we help are grateful, the others are just hateful
Maybe one day soon they will change their tune
For those who hate it is never too late
Walk through the door as if an open gate
You will never be told you must wait
There may be a lot on your plate, But it’s never too late!
We just need you to walk through that GATE.


By Larry Allum, Hangtown Haven  guest/resident and volunteer
HangTown Haven Inc. and the guests that live there are grateful for all of the donations that are being made. F.A.I.T.H., the ministry that
provides lunch every day and The Upper Room that provides meals in the evening, pretty much fill the needs for food at HangTown Haven
. We are sorry to say that much of the food that is brought to HangTown Haven as a donation is given away when we can find someone to take it.
The Upper Room has asked us not to send any more food donated to HangTown Haven, to them
. We suggest, if you want to donate food to help feed the homeless population and under-served of ED County, that you contact Dee Hook of F.A.I.T.H. at — 916-201-4619 or 916-941-9541— or donate to SHARE
through most churches.
Our homeless population is well fed if
they follow the schedules and cooperate with those who prepare and
provide the food for them. Again, we want to thank you for your efforts and concerns.
During these winter months, the community fire is going all day and all night as HangTown Haven is open all day and does not close in the afternoon, providing a warm safe place for those who cooperate with our rules and regulations. SOOOoooo we are always in need of fire wood to burn in our protected common area. If you can donate fire wood, that would be greatly appreciated..
Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues & HTHI #52

You were asking. What happened to our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man.

This continues to be a very sad story.

We, HangTown Haven Inc. were told to take our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man to another, non-profit, organization, and they would handle him from then on. That organization closes at 2:00PM every day and is not open on Saturday and Sunday. our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man is left to fend for himself when, (remember that he can’t take care of himself, little to no control of his body functions, not capable of making decisions) he leaves at 2:00PM until 6:30PM when the transportation to the Nomadic Shelter leaves. Also at issues was the very long Holiday weekend past, when the service was closed.

On Tuesday late afternoon our mentally challenged 61 year old homeless man was found on the ground, soaked in his urine, drunk, and unable to get up. Police were called and he was transported to Marshall Hospital. I pray that this time, the Hospital, and the Mental Health community will take care of him. I did not see him around the usual places on Wednesday morning or at noon time.

Where is our humanity??

I told you about the meeting/gathering of the many organizations that represent the mentally challenged members of El Dorado County. Persons or organizations wanted the City to fire me after that report came out. I never heard about the follow-up meeting that was to organize some response or protocol for caring for such a person. I was advised not to be critical of the city. Thus, the City government has been taken off of this newsletter’s mailing list.

Am I outraged? You bet I am. And you should be also.

This could be one of your family members, or a family member of one of your friends.

Now good news. HangTown Haven Inc. has initiated Volunteer Coordinators to be on hand at HangTown Haven, in an warm, dry, office, thanks to Janis and Tom Carney, to facilitate record keeping, assist the Community Council in making decisions, and assisting in whatever comes up. This is an opportunity to experience another way of life that you might not be fully aware of. It is very safe and we have responsible members of the Community Council
to help you. And yes we want to have more volunteers working the three hour shifts, so that it is not a strain on anyone. If you can spare just three hours a day, contact our head coordinator, Mr. Don Rake ……. don.rake@yahoo.com …..
and he will set you up and he or I will fill you in on what we do. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?????

HangTown Haven Inc. is running smoothly, is clean, safe and happy now that the “trouble makers” have been removed. We do not allow “trouble makers” to mess it up. We have rules that are vigorously enforced.
If one cannot follow the rules and respect others around them, they are told to leave. If they break the law, we phone the police, and press charges if need be.

Many peoples want to help those at HangTown Haven, but we must ask you not to leave off clothing at HangTown Haven. We suggest that Foothills UMC in Rescue or Green Valley Community Church will make sure those clothes are available to the Homeless population of Placerville. HangTown Haven has no use for children’s clothing or women’s dresses, or other than sturdy shoes.

If this “Homeless Issues” is new to you, go to our web site below and you will be able to bring up the other 51 issues. 😉

Ron Sachs 😉

Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #51

Your opportunity to help out at HangTown Haven

As winter
approaches, it is apparent that the operation of the Haven needs additional support
from the volunteer community. There are times during the middle of the day when
extra help is needed to coordinate and supervise the lives of the homeless
people living there. Responsible and experienced homeless residents are often
gone during the daytime aiding at CRC, searching for jobs or running errands in
downtown. As a result, there have been periods when no responsible person is
available to coordinate activities at the site.
we are putting out a call to all churches, supportive non-profits and other
individuals to provide volunteers to help us keep Hangtown Haven running
smoothly. The volunteer could be a man or a woman, or both working together on
a shift. These volunteers would do the following:
1)      Be on site three hours a day, either from 9:30
AM to 12:30 PM, or 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.
2)    The shifts would be five days a week, and not on
the week ends.
Hopefully, if we can get ten volunteers, it
would mean one three-hour shift per week. If we can get ten volunteers,
would mean one three-hour shift every other week.
A tent and a propane heater will be provided to
supplement the fire pit for warmth.
5)    Most of the shift would be taken up with reading
or talking with the homeless on-site, whichever he or she prefers.
6)     The responsibilities of the volunteers while on-site would include the following:
a. Check in new residents from CRC and help them
fill out their transfer slip, liability release and list of rules.
     They would
then insure that these documents were properly stored in each person’s file.
b.   Maintain the site census based on new arrivals
and departures.
c.   Maintain the site cell phone to use for
emergencies and local communication.
Coordinate with on site council members on
general issues on site.
Insure that the parking lot is clear when toilet
cleaning, delivery or refuse removal trucks are due.
f.      Coordinate with law enforcement, mental health
or parole officers when they arrive.
Call the police, ambulances or other emergency
vehicles when needed.
h.   Contact Hangtown Haven board member when appropriate.
contact Ron Sachs, Shirley Edwards or Janis Carney if you are interested in
helping the homeless at Hangtown Haven.
Thank You.
Edwards, President
Maggard has a ministry building disability ramps for persons who need a
ramp to replace steps. If you know of someone who is in need of a ramp
but can’t afford one, contact Don at   … donnymagg@hotmail.com …..
or ..530-306-0703.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #50

Mentally challenged and homeless in El Dorado County: What don’t we do? The wide chasms between help and a cold, wet, tent.

at HangTown Haven became frustrated due to what we found to be going
around and around in circles when we attempted to address the mentally
challenged guests we encountered at the Haven.
needed, on the ground, protocols to address what we can do to be of
help to those at the Haven who had mental challenges, and lack the
ability to function. Now.Today..

The major players are:
Placerville City Police. They involve themselves in criminal activity only. Being mentally challenged is not a against the law. El Dorado County
Dept.: They are
in only Civil law within the city limits of
Marshall Hospital: A privately-owned medical facility that can chose to admit or discharge persons regardless of what county, city, community mental health professionals recommend. Then there are County, community non-profits, and “mental health” advocates. Among that group is the “Crisis Team-Mental Health.” And finally,there is HangTown Haven Inc. with Laurie Marchant
as liaison/coordinator on mental issues at HangTown Haven. She will be
asking for volunteers to help her in transporting mentally challenged
person to their appointments. Contact her at ……….. 
lauriemerchant@att.net …….. if you want to help out.
have a subject; we will
use the name “Jordon,” a real person, mentally and medically/physically
age 61, and how he has fallen “through the cracks” of the care of the
challenged persons with little to no income in El Dorado
County.Jordon’s mother is in an assisted living facility unable to take
care of herself, leaving a son of 61 years of age who can’t take
care of himself, in a tent at HangTown Haven Inc.

The following is a summarized timeline of one incident with Jordon. Those
involved are Larry, Chair of HangTown Haven Community Council, Kenny of HTHCC, and
Laurie of HTH.
And City/County authorities.

10-21-12 (Sun)
PPD called by Larry at HTHI for unsanitary health/incontinence.  Ambulance transported Gordon to Marshall
ER.  Released within a few hours.

10-24-12 (Wed)
Laurie Marchant called APS @ 1:45.  Spoke to Ben briefly that we needed help for
a 61-year-old man living at HTHI with mental illness, medical challenges of
chronic incontinence, and concern for possible contagiousness for all residents
at camp and the Upper Room.   No help by
Laurie drove to APS office @ 3:30, met with Jayle Goucher
(and Ben).  Meeting eyeball to eyeball to
convey our concerns was imperative. 
Jayle was compassionate, concerned and helpful. Case opened.
Drove to Rite Aid to get prescriptions for Gordon and order
refills @ 4:30.
PPD did a NAMI check that evening at HTHI.  Sgt. advised Larry Allum that PPD would do a
follow up check in the morning.
10-25-12 (Thurs)
Gregg DeLuca of APS at HTHI to meet with Jordon and Larry @
9:30 am
Laurie met with Gregg @ 10:00 at HTHI.  Advised to get medical evaluation. Due to intractable
incontinence, concern for contagiousness. 
Gregg very helpful.
Laurie called Community Health to get stand by appointment @ 12:00.
Laurie and Ken Greene drove Gordon to Community Health at
1:00.  Unable to get a stand by
appointment but scheduled for appointment. tomorrow at 5:00 pm (expedited).   Advised to take Gordon to Marshall ER to
test for C-Diff. and rule out contagious concerns.
ER 2:30 – 8:20. 
Rather than simply dropping Jordon off, Laurie and Ken stayed to
advocate and give history. 
Larry Allum arrived @3:00 to relieve Ken.  Social Worker Jennifer Dwight-Frost
compassionate but unable to help with housing placement.  Tests negative for C-Diff and other
potentially contagious health issues due to fecal incontinence. 
Gregg DeLuca (APS) called Laurie @4:30 and advised we get
two necessary documents for placement in Assisted Living or a Residential Care
Facility: Obtained copy of chest x-ray to rule our TB; however, physician on
call would not complete the “602” form required for placement in a Community
Care Facility.
Marshall ER discharged @ 8:20 pm with instructions to follow
up with personal physician.  Jordon does not have a personal physician, he is homeless.

Jordon picked up at Upper Room @4:40 by Laurie and Gene for
Community Health appointment. at 5:00 – 6:30. 
Appointment. scheduled for Mental Health on 10-31-12 with Dr. John Bachman and
full physical on 11-1-12 with Kate, FNP.

Laurie asked Larry and Gene to set up a used tent, sleeping bag and
blankets, as Jordon’s was nothing short of a health hazard to ALL residents
with fecal matter, urine, and filthy contents.  
Laurie asked Gordon if he would be willing to purchase a new tent and sleeping
bag when his SSDI money deposits on 11-3-12.  Jordon agreed.

10-28-12 (Sun)
Larry called Laurie @ 10:00 am to advise that Jordon was
covered in feces and urine while in common area at HTH.  Laurie suggested calling NAMI and CIT.
Larry called Cathy Hartrum (NAMI) and then CIT @ 11:00 am.
Sgt. Hammitt, PPD, responds at HTHI and placed Gordon on a 5150
hold.  Ambulance transported Gordon to
Marshall ER.  Sgt. Hammitt advised Larry
that Gordon would NOT be back to HTH.
Apparently no Social Worker available at Marshall. 
County Mental Health is contacted for
evaluation.  Robert Bloom and someone
from his staff (Eric?) determine the criteria for a 5150 hold is not met.   Marshall ER releases Gordon and sends him by
cab to HTH after 8:00 pm. 

Laurie met Larry, Ken and Gene at HTHI @ 11:00 to clean out Jordon’s filthy tent.  All bedding placed
in plastic bags for disposal.  Feces,
urine, loose tobacco, cigarette butts scattered amongst all contents. New Rx,
Depends and some clothing soiled. Tent flooring and mat cleaned.  Another sleeping bag provided.  Gordon was instructed afterwards that he is
NOT to smoke in tent.  He agreed.

That is just one person out of many.

Thank you Jordon for being the catalyst to bring all Mental Health operatives in El Dorado County together. Lt. Norlen of the ED County Sheriff Dept. and Cathy Hartman of NAMI, called a
on Monday of all the Mental
Health operatives in El Dorado County together, and working together,
we pray, will find all the cracks that homeless persons fall through in
El Dorado County, and improve their care..

in mind that HangTown Haven is a Tent Encampment of Homeless guests
staying in tents. HTHI is not a Mental Facility that has the expertise
or ability to manage Mental Health issues.

Ron Sachs 😉
Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)