President: Ron Sachs
Advocate for homeless issues.
President of Job’s Shelters of the Sierra Inc. (Job of the Bible)
Vice President and Director of Operations of HangTown Haven Inc.

At 81 years old, I am still learning and I pray educating persons on who are the homeless and some of the issues they, as a very diversified group, encounter in living in any community.

I have always been drawn to the people living on the streets. First as an artist, then as a pastor to “those who have the least,” as described in the Bible. Then experiencing homelessness myself.

Ron conducted a prison ministry when in 1988, at age 54, he became homeless himself after a divorce and the loss of his business. “I needed that experience, that complete loss of income, self esteem, nowhere to go, not having any security, uselessness, and not ever knowing if or when you will have any food to fill the hunger in the belly experience.”

In 1991, I asked my soon-to-be wife, Doris, if I could accompany her as she delivered a meatloaf to a shelter serving the homeless in the East San Gabriel Valley near Los Angles.

From that beginning, Doris, myself and three other persons incorporated the East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless in September, 1994, after a year of organizing. I served as President for 10 years and Doris was the Treasurer and then Secretary.

When we left in 2005, the E.S.G.V.C.H. provided a year round emergency center, four transitional homes and a winter shelter. With a budget of $270,000.00 per year, we registered in excess of 600 homeless persons living in the East San Gabriel Valley.

In the first week upon arriving in El Dorado County in 2005, I read in the local newspaper that a homeless lady had broken her leg in South Lake Tahoe; and after it was set, a taxi driver was given $100 to take her and “drop her off in Sacramento.” This was the beginning of “Job’s Shelters of the Sierra,” that lead to “HangTown Haven Inc.”

Treasurer: Fred Arth. Fred is a geologist by education and retired as a Nuclear Quality Assessor. Fred has held numerous positions in the financial committees of his church and other organizations. Fred as well as Ron are founding members of Job’s Shelters of the Sierra. Fred is also involved with other organizations that focus on serving the homeless.

Secretary: Doris Sachs. Doris is a retired administrative secretary for Shell Oil Company. Prior to her Shell career, she managed a home and cared for her two daughters. Doris has served her church in many ways, many of them as a secretary. She is an avid music fan and has served her churches both in the choir and bell choir.  Doris is married to Ron and is a driving force within that union.

Board Member: Brian Smith an advocate for the wellbeing of the homeless population. “It is an honor to serve the outcasts and the least of these on the margins.”