Homeless Issues #35

Yep, It’s COLD outside!

The Winter Shelter programs are starting up in the various churches. Your volunteer help is needed at many levels; moral support, prayers, time and money are in great demand. Please help us out!

We are starting to put into place a Transitional/Re-enter Housing facility for those single homeless persons who want to re-enter our community as productive and self-sustaining members. Allow me to take you through the steps and ask for your support in the county project.

#1. Propose the project to the Community Action Council. I represent Supervisor Nutting on the council. Set up a sub-committee, I am the Chair, to refine the proposal before it is sent to Continuum of Care, Housing, Community and Economic Development Programs…………. Done!

#2. Go before the Continuum of Care Stakeholders to find out if there is enough interest in the community to proceed with the proposal as put forth.

#3. Another group/committee is formed to sort out the particulars of where is an available location (we have one in mind), sorting out what organizations will be doing what, who/how/what the building would be constructed, where the money will come from, and at least ten other things that I have not thought of yet.
#4. Not sure where we go from here.
#5. Goes to the Board of Supervisors. Hearings, deliberations, etc. Prayerfully receive the BOS blessings.
#6 Get started on the project. (Maybe!)

And you want to go into public service???????? ūüėČ

Here is the outline. Keep in mind that some homeless persons will not to go into any kind of a housing program, for whatever reasons. We need a  projection on how many persons we can give quality help to in a facility. We note that El Dorado County has facilities for women with children in place now. The plan is to include all Non-profit, Homeless providers, that are now in operation in this county: Interviewing, self-help programs, feeding, spiritual counseling and support, facility infrastructure, churches, and persons who have the heart and want to get involved. Your organization will be a part of this project.

The three main points to be included are:

  1. Housing for men and women without children,
  2. Transitional/re-entry in nature,
  3. To provide services for a maximum of 25 persons wishing to follow a planned itinerary. These services would include the ability to expand to larger numbers if warranted by the influx of persons on parole.

1. Introduction:

a. Developing a transitional/re-entry system that works.

b. Targeting the homeless persons without children, who want to follow a program fitted to their special needs.

c. Some homeless want out of homelessness, and need a transition option; some want to stay in homelessness.

d. Limit the number to 25 at one time so that quality of services can be maintained. With the ability to expand to larger numbers if warranted by the influx of persons on parole into our county.

Now, what I can do with a few strokes of the key board NOW.

E-Mail To: Beverly.Savage@edcgov.us ...CC: Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.comSubject: Re-entry facility ….. Message: I support this effort of the county, and will do what I can to assist. Send:

Then: Get all the people in El Dorado County that you know to also send in this message.

Homeless Issues #34

Fall is Falling into place. Getting prepared!


Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) is gearing up for the fall and winter months. From April 11, until September 11 of this year, JSS, working with the CRC, has given out 56 tents, 64 sleeping bags, plus blankets, to 76 persons who had no place to go except in a tent, or when available, a car to sleep. The major expense that JSS incurs is purchasing tents and sleeping bags. Plus the deodorant, tooth past, tooth brushes, mouth wash, “wipes,” razors, lady hygiene supplies, as well as special needed items for persons who have special needs. Such as adult diapers for those who have need for them. The donations collected by various groups of toilet paper and socks, the items that are most needed, keeps us being able to provide for those who have the very least in our community.



JSS is exhibiting “WE’R DO’N IT” (street talk) for what we do, at the Fall Festival, at FUMC 3301 Green valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park on September 16 from 11:30 until 5:00 PM. Come on out and have some family fun. It will be a GREAT TIME! JSS shirts will be on sale. The front of the shirt is inspirational. Come get one, for a small donation. …………. BTW the JSS table Exhibit is available for any organization that wants to volunteer to collect the toilet paper, socks, and/or repackage “wipes.” It’s really neat looking. And powerful. Get your youth groups involved by hosting a ““WE’R DO’N IT” event. Your group gathers and we have a packaging of the “Wipes event,” that includes a talk on the plight and understanding the homeless population, then conduct a collection drive for the persons in our community who have the least, ending, when we go out into the community to the places that homeless persons and at risk persons congregate and deliver our labors. Fun and educational.



The winter shelter is gearing up. It looks like all 7 nights will be covered this winter but with individual churches responsible for pick-up and returning those who were sheltered back to where they were picked up the nighty before. Church contacts are; Green Valley CC, Thursday & Friday, 530-409-9219; Cold Springs CC, Sunday & Wednesday, 530-306-9192; Foothills UMC, Tuesday & Saturday, 530-333-5787; and Solid Rock Foundation, Monday, 530-422-2038; will be the host churches this winter. We have to give many thanks to Mike Parr and Frank Gates in getting togeather a large group of churches to partisapate in helping the host churches pull this off. Contact the individual churches or the Community Resource Center for times and pick-up locations. The shelter will start Nov. 1 and go until March 31, or possability April 31 depending on weather………………



2011 Wine and Olive Oil Tasting Event, Oct. 8 @ 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Benefiting the Community Resource Center. Lakehills Covenant Church, 7000 Rossmore Lane, El Dorado Hills, Ca.



The BIG news; After the full board, and the board advisers, of JSS met on Sept. 19, it was decided to undertake the dream of building a facility, as a transitional unit for the single persons who find themselves without a place to stay safe as they re-enter the work force. Working with others, we plan to build this facility. We have transitional housing for women with children in the county now. This would be the only safe, and protected, place for the single person to go as they re-enter the work force and again become contributors to our community. We will be asking for your help and prayers in achieving that goal. This would be one place to collect themselves and “get on with their lives.” They would benefit from the resources that the others provides, have a warm bed during the winter months, a shower, and a place to hang their clothing as they work to re-enter the work force.


This is a huge undertaking and is going to require everyone’s participation and help. It won’t “happen over night,” but we need to begin now. If all goes well, we could see results within a few years.



We need your help in convincing the County Board of Supervisors and others in our community that this facility is a must. El Dorado County is the only county in Californians that does not have, or pay for, some facility for single persons who are out of work and need re-entry assistance..




Homeless Issues #33

The Sun Shines, our Hearts follow. Good Day;
We hear a lot about our homeless community in and around Placerville but do not know much about those who survive in the out-lying areas of our county and the groups who attempt to care for their needs. Allow me to tell you about one group.

For more than a decade the Pioneer Bible Church has been serving those in need in the communities of Mt. Aukum, Somerset, Fairplay and River Pines. Sometimes their service reaches as far as Pleasant Valley, Grizzly Flat and Omo Ranch. Handing out food and clothing is their normal practice. The homeless often have no transportation. The Pioneer Bible Church volunteers have driven them to all sorts of appointments–often to the hospital when the need arises. The Pioneer Bible Church provides internet service for them so that they can search for employment, file for unemployment, etc. They provide all sorts of counsel that is within their scope of expertise. They try to become friends and celebrate their joys with them. Birthday celebrations, meeting their children and grandchildren are times of encouragement. The pastor has taken care of their funeral needs when it seemed like few people cared.¬† Every Wednesday bags of food are given out. On the fourth Friday of every month the “Mt Aukum Angles” partnering with Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS), with¬† Beverly Matson at the helm of JSS, give out food and the necessities of homeless life that JSS is known for. You will find the Red Jeep of JSS at Pioneer Bible Church every fourth Friday of the month.

Homelessness begins at birth in many cases. An unwanted child. A child that was never hugged, nurtured, or sung to by its mother because the mother herself was never hugged, nurtured, or sung to. The progression goes on–reproducing the same results. Can we stop this progression? Can we teach a new mother to hold her child, sing to her child, nurture her child? Many of us take that nurturing for granted. We just think that all mothers know how to nurture a baby. “That was the way I was brought up.” Many never had that beginning, so now we are challenged to take care of these of God’s children who are culturally, emotionally, challenged in this world. Contact WIC Program, ED County Dept. of Human Services, (530)621-6176

JSS has struck up a partnership with Snowline Hospice to provide the pants, T-shirts, shorts, etc. from their overstock as well as the socks, toilet paper, and other necessities that JSS has traditionally provided to our homeless population in this county. John Dutton is out every Friday with shirts and pants as well as other necessities that the homeless need to survive. CN Ministries from Georgetown UMC in the Georgetown area also partners with JSS in the northern part of the county and the Community Resource Center.

One person or one organization can not do everything alone. We can all work together to achieve the same goals, show the same commitments, the same compassion, the same for our brothers and sisters who have the very least in life. Not one of us has the full knowledge to come to grips with all the problems of homelessness. We need to understand that those who have no future, no incentive, no will to change, will always be with us. So we must ask, “Does the stray, lost, starving dog deserve more then the stray, lost, starving person?” We have the county supported SPCA for the dog. What do we have for the person? With no outlay of money by the County government we can provide shelter for the stray, lost, starving person. All we need is support, excess county land or unused buildings so that the community can come together and provide for those who have the least in our community.

“There never was any heart truly great and generous, that was not tender and compassionate.”-South.

We want to thank those who donate to our cause through our web site PayPal. You are a great blessing. Thanks SOoooo very much.

Homeless Issues #32

UPs and DOWNS, Pot Holes and Mountains to climb and Mountains to coast down in our journeys on the roads of life.

An UPSusie (Zoz), Maureen, Carl, Janis, Tom, Pauline, Dana, Gail, Lisa, Lynn, Dorothy, the “In-take” coordinators at the Community Resource Center, who sit down and interview the homeless persons who come to the CRC for help. These people assess the needs of the clients that pass through the door. Are there– Mental challenges? Cultural challenges? Physical Challenges? Do they need assistance navigating the Social Welfare system? What about where to worship, get food, get clothing, get connected to the life as a homeless person? All this falls on the shoulders of these persons from their faith-based mission, to help the ones who have the least in our society. Also they go the extra mile by taking cliants to appointments and attending to the special needs of this group of people.

The CRC is an alcohol-free island in a sea of frustration, chemical abuse, fear, depression, and perceived disaster by those leaving foster care, jail, court hearings, and all the other disasters that can befall people in life. They hold a line of hope. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GIVING AND YOUR HEARTS.

Mountains to climb …. “Community Block Grant 2012/2013 Program Year Community Action Plan” Public Hearing.

I found this document quite good. However, I would ask where in this plan are provisions for affordable housing for the homeless, singles/couples, who do not have any means to pay any rent in the foreseeable future, or for the homeless, singles/couples, who are not capable of taking care of themselves due to mental challenges, physical challenges, and culture challenges? These are sometimes referred to as “the forgotten” the “unwanted” the “no future story” group of citizens found in our County. This group is left out when you hear the term “Affordable Housing” for our people.These are also the people that the city of Placerville as well as the County authorities want to keep moving around from place to place.

THEY WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!! This group of people are our citizens; they do not have any place to go!

Mountains to coast down …. After years of JSS and others, attempting to get the very first line to well-being in health, and attitude, having started and failing again and again, the CRC is about to pull it off. A place for our homeless population to take showers. Many don’t realize that the most expensive medical care, is using the Emergency Room at a hospital financed by us in one way or another. Showers help prevent diseases and the spreading of disease to others. Showers prevent infection in wounds, Etc, Etc. Etc. .We thank the 20+ volunteers assembled at the CRC for pulling this off.

Pot Holes …… Many to overcome. The ED Commmunity Foundation is looking to help overcome those pot holes with a grant of $60,000.00 details to be worked out by the principal of the different homeless provider groups and the ED Community Foundation.

Congratulations to Lisa Whitaker. Lisa has been the “face” of homeless in our community for many years. I am honored to have her as a friend for four and more years. WELL ………. Ms. Whitaker has completed her first semester at college with A in three subjects and a B in the other. Her major is in Humanities. She is studying to be a Social Worker. GREAT JOB LISA!!!!!!

BTW …… We have high lighted Foothills UMC, Cold Springs CC, Rolling Hills CC, and I have not mentioned much appricated efforts made by the Green Valley CC. You Guys are doing a great job! THANKS!!!!!!!!

Personal Mortality …….. I suffered a small stroke and my mortality has made itself known. Here is where YOU pray-fully fit in. As you know JSS is the provider of toilet paper, socks, hygiene items, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, etc. etc. to our homeless population wherever they congregate. Lumsden Park, Hangtown motel, CRC, etc. I have been doing this for the last four years, going 3-4 days a week and sometimes more as needs arise.

JSS needs assistance in providing that service on Saturdays and/or during the week. JSS will provide most, if not all, supplies to be given out from its storage unit in Diamond Springs. Also needed are donations you and/or your group can collect. That storage unit is available every day except Monday, to pick up supplies. On Tuesdays, “Cup of Soup” provides the minimum supplies, toilet paper, socks, and hygiene items like deodorant and toothpaste etc. We want you to fill in on Saturday or Thursday. Reply to: Ronald.Sachs@Yahoo.com

What we ask is that You and/or your group would make it part of your service to the homeless of ED County, to go to the places of congregation, and pass out the necessities of surviving in homelessness. I will continue to “make my rounds” during the week on the days that will not be covered.

There is room for all groups that want to partisapate in providing the necessaties of life to the homeless population of El Darodo County, to those who have the least. No one enitiy should dominate. Cooperation amoung all of the providers, pray-fully shared, respecfully, honoring each other, will prevail.

Ron Sachs ūüėČ

Jobs Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #31


Only about half of the homeless persons in El Dorado County are surviving in and around Placerville and the upper Broadway locations. The Upper Room where feeding those who walk through the door, and had been fed for eight plus years, and the new CRC, Community Resource Center, providing other services are fixed locations like Green Valley Community Church. Homeless persons have to get to these locations on there own somehow.

The other half are served by organizations that are mobile and go to the locations where Homeless and at risk persons congregate which are¬†much more accessible than the Upper Room and the CRC and upper Broadway. These organizations don’t get the press, County monies, or large foundation grants and have to rely on church, faith,¬†and other organizations to donate clothing, wipes, toilet paper, socks, and the every-day needs of persons who find themselves homeless or at risk of being homeless. Those with public assistance of $900.00 per month and pay rent of $800.00 per month need our help for food and basics of life also. We still need your help!

Cup of¬†Noodles in Georgetown; F.A.I.T.H, Cold Springs CC food outreach; Pioneer Bible Church &¬†(JSS) Job’s Shelters of the Sierra in Pioneer area of Eastern ED County; are just a few of the organizations that go to the people, to provide services. They all need your support in money and donations.

The Winter Shelter has ended for this year. “Our citizens” of El Dorado County, who¬†have cultural challenges, mental challenges, circumstance, and yes, just plain “hard luck,” find themselves completely without and need assistance to survive. None that I have ever met chose this in there lives. Some have been caught up in the life style, some become addictive to alcohol or drugs as self*medication for social and medical needs. We need to remember that they are people. A Christian person would say they are God’s children, others¬†see a Spiritual connection to those who have the least in there lives. A “Higher Power” tells us that we all should act.

Donations to the organizations that “Go To The People” are¬†needed: summer clothing, toilet paper, socks, wipes, jeans and work pants, are the highest priorities and can be left at Foothills UMC located at 3301 Green Valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park. Monday through Thursday 9-2:00 PM. The feeding programs of FAITH, Cold Springs CC, and Cup of Noodles, need dollars to continue their works.

JSS alone has provided 19 tents to our homeless population already this year who were, and are, in need of shelter. Thank you so very much for those donations that made these possible.

JSS had received allegations of sheriff deputies misconduct and investigated the incident. Ron has been working with the homeless population for 20+ years and has been “coned”, “hood winked”, and “taken advantage of” in the past. Well, I was conned again. When a deputy responses to a call by a citizen, all transactions are video and audio recorded. I was invited to view the transaction between the homeless couple and the two responding deputies involved in the allegation. The deputies who responded were courteous, respectful, friendly and professional in the way they handled the incident. Sargent¬†¬†Mike Cook¬†phoned me and set up an appointment, and we had a long conversation. After the review of everything, I apologized to him and the department for the time taken out to resolve the allegations. The Sheriff Dept. did a great job. Thank you guys! We count on you!

Please bring to the attention of your church organization the need to host one night a week, next winter, a sheltering of the homeless of your community.

JSS with the help of Rolling Hill CC hosted one night. We had 15-18 most nights and 24 one night. This was a very rewarding and a thankful contribution to our citizens who have the least. Don’t worry about the mats or sleeping bags, that is all taken care of. Pray about it, talk about it, act upon it.
Ron Sachs ūüėČ

Jobs Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Homeless Issues #30

Good day as well as a good evening warm and safe.

I have some news regarding our homeless population;

Locations: Placerville vicinity=140 … South Lake Tahoe=66 … So. ED county Somerset/Mt. Aukum vicinity=25… ¬†total 231 persons counted. JSS, and others estimate that there are at least 70 persons that were not found and are not in this count.

Out of the total 231¬†count about 28 were counted and the other 70 missing the count, are the homeless people we see and don’t see as we travel our county, are those who visit our Nomadic Winter Shelter program and are¬†living in tents or in the open. The other 203 persons are in Emergency Shelters of some kind. They reside temporarily with family and friends, in a Domestic Violence shelter, Substance Abuse Rreatment¬†programs, and other locations and programs.

I want to heap praises and thanksgiving on the people of our El Dorado County Community Health Center, located on Golden Center Dr. That organization receives no financial  funding from El Dorado County government.

They provide health care to our homeless population at little or no cost to those they serve. Many of our homeless population have mental issues and are, in some cases, very mentally impaired. The Community Health Center has a three months waiting period for a mental health doctor who can take time to attempt to address the mental conditions the person might be suffering from and help correct or counsel them. Our County government mental health program is for emergency situations only, where a person is going to harm themselves or others immediately; and only rudimentary treatment for a very short time is given.

I pray that you give your support to the Community Health Center; they are the only alternative to that self-medication that cures pain, depression, loneliness, and comes in a little bottle for only $5.00. Community Health Center web site …¬†www.eldoradocounty.org … a tax deductible non-profit organization. I recently got news that an “at risk” friend died because he could not afford “health insurance.” And he was a wonderful, loving, and giving person. He could not purchase his life because he was poorly educated and had to live life doing “pick-up” work. He not only worked for himself but worked to help others who could not pay him. The Community Health Center is the only salvation for those “at risk” and homeless persons we have in El Dorado county.

The Nomadic Winter Shelter, as we know it now, will close down on March 31. Those 20+ persons will be “out and about” as before. They will need tents to have a little place to keep warm, and feel that they have at least some kind of home. I pray that our new law enforcement officials will use understanding and compassion when possible while enforcing our laws. In the past I don’t feel the humanity for our citizens who have the least, were ever considered. I know the new sheriff, and respect his humanity and understanding of the problems concerning our homeless population. I expect him to uphold the laws, with the love and kindness he has shown, while traveling with me to the encampments and gathering places of the “at risk” and homeless population of this county. El Dorado, you made a good choice. High praises and all the love in the world to the volunteers who gave of their time, money, and understanding to the homeless population in the Nomadic Winter Shelter program. Rest well, we will need you again next year.

Ron is “cutting out” for about a month. Dave Justice of Cup of Noodles, in his van¬†will take my place on Tuesdays delivering the necessities of life as well as his cups of noodles, for our homeless population. Curtis Ludwick will cover Fridays in our red Jeep. Socks, toilet paper, deodorant, clean clothing, and the other necessities will continue to be given out. The items you have donated to our cause are necessities. Our cause is being human to our fellow humans who have the least.

F.A.I.T.H., our feeding program really needs help cooking and/or delivering.  if you can do either one or both just one day a week. Just one day a week for one and a half hours one day. or one or two days a month, Contact Dee Hook @ 916-201-4619 or 916-941-9541

The Community Resource Center is now only open from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM, five days a week. Their contact number is .. 530-344-1864 ..

Homeless Issues #29

We now have the numbers on the homeless population of El Dorado County. We have interviewed and received data from 231 persons living in our county. I estimate that 70+ persons were not found on the days that this count was taken. This is the best census taken by ED County on their homeless population since I have been involved with ED County and participating in the counting of this segment of our population.

Thank you, Dept. of Human Services, ED County, you did a great job!

JSS is in need of tents for when the winter shelter program ends. As always, socks, toilet paper, and now as the summer months approach, deodorant. If anything is dropped off at the Community Resource Center destined for JSS, please attach a tag saying it is for JSS. Also PLEASE join us at the following workshop.

Community Workshop


Alcoholism, Addiction & Co-Dependency

(First In A Series)

For Clergy, Churches, Homeless Providers, Advocates & Volunteers

(But Everyone is Always Welcome)

Friday March 4, 2011

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Foothills United Methodist Church

3301 Green Valley Road

Rescue, CA 95672

Featuring speakers from the

alcohol and drug counseling profession,

Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous,

Narcotics Anonymous & Al-Anon

Check-In and Continental Breakfast @ 8:30AM

Program Begins @ 9:00AM

Lunch Provided

For more information or to R.S.V.P., please contact:

Michael Parr @ 530-333-5787 or

Suzanne Parr @ 530-676-1468 or

Email mooncalf62@earthlink.net

Sponsored by

The El Dorado County Community Health Center &

F.A.I.T.H. (Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless)

Homeless Birthday Issue 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY¬†Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS)

Yep folks, JSS¬†was officially Incorporated Oct. 2007 and we got our IRS tax status¬†of a 501(3)(C) non-profit in February 2008, that makes us about 3 years old legally. However, we were at work “illegally”¬†years earlier ūüėČ

Thank you to those who we grew up with us in caring for the homeless persons in our community.

We started out spending the nights at the United Outreach winter shelter facility at the Camino Church under the direction of Raz. Then we worked very close with Art Edwards when he took over when Raz left. Working with Art in the many facets and problems of homelessness in our County and attempting to fill those needs, we settled in our niche to the problem as being a suppler of the many needs of the homeless population. Socks¬† were the main beginning of our supplies to the homeless population. I passed out socks. I was proudly known as the socks guy. Remembering my own needs and desires when I was homeless, I found that socks provided dry feet, warm feet, and the elimination of a very, very, stinking part of clothing when removed ūüėČ Socks were a savior. Blankets, tents, toilet paper, and all sorts of clothing became staple in the van for distribution.

Food was another need that was being filled two days a week by Cold Springs CC under the direction of Frank Gates. We knew that the other five days¬†of food were necessary, so we called a meeting at Foothills UMC of those I had made an acquaintance with. When I mentioned the need for providing food to the encampments and gathering places, Mike Parr said “I think I would like to do that.” F.A.I.T.H. is born. Mike took off running and has not stopped–adjusting the locations for providing food to our homeless population as they change with the seasons and political climate at the time. After 2 years morphing in with Frank Gates food distribution, that is 730 meals put together and delivered¬†by un-paid, dedicated,¬†volunteers who have food for the homeless in ED County. Cold Springs CC, who started first, then Foothills UMC joining in, still provides food around the lunch hour, and in some cases is the only meal a homeless person might have in a day. Every day. The “Upper Room” provides a meal every day at their fixed location in the evenings, and has been doing so for 8 years. Bless them all.

There are and were others doing many different things touching the other demographics of homelessness. Mothers with children for example, and at-risk elderly people. But nothing for the single homeless persons on the streets except for Dana LaForce and Rich Meacher and a very few others trying to provide for those in need. We found our niche as suppliers of necessities to that population.

Frank of Cold Springs CC, Mike, and I from Foothill UMC as well as other church groups, attempted to get a winter Shelter started 3 years ago but ran into opposition from County government and community. The seed was planted a ripple forms. We did get in two nights last year and I believe that started a wave that set the stage for the introduction of Bill Roby and the Community Resource Center to finally organize the CRC under the direction of Rene Evans and the foundation that Mr. Roby directs, beginning in the last half of 2010. WE welcome that inclusion. We now provide 7 nights at 4 hosting locations. Next year other host churches? Passably Rolling Hill CC who are working with JSS hosting at Foothills UMC on Wednesday nights will be an addition.

For JSS legally and “illegally” to be involved with the single homeless and at-risk citizens of our County for four and half years, as I was reminded by my wife, is a pleasure. To be the persons in the camps and meeting places where our homeless reside is as down-to-earth as one can get. Thank you Mike, Frank, Art and others for this ride though the story of life.

Each of you who read these issues of “Homeless Issues,” and get involved with donations, time and energy, love and prayer, we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE!

Thank you for allowing me to reminisce on our beginning and how we got to where we are as I remember it.

JSS Merry Christ-mas

We all at Job’s Shelters of the Sierra are so very grateful for your support over the years. God Bless you all! Your continued support for our ministry and for your support for our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate then we are, is monumental.

Merry Christ-mas and God Bless you!

Their is now, thankfully, places that our citizens who are without, can go to spend a warm, dry night to sleep, every night of the week.

Again ……….. God Bless you all!

Homeless Issues #28

HELP! HELP! us out. PLEASE The “Homeless Issues” is used to transmit information, keeping you informed. The number associated with it signifies the number of issues sent. SOOoooooo…. if you have just joined us, YOU missed 27 issues.

This issue is a request by JSS for help. Please forgive us.

You all have been so generous with your donations of clothing for the homeless, at risk, and borderline citizens of El Dorado County that¬†Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) needs an ORGANIZER to step up and get a small group together to organize our temporary storage shed in Diamond Springs. That includes separation of donations that we can’t use, organizing the clothes that are hung up, placing “much needed” items up front and¬†prioritizing the rest. …………. I am of the male gender– Un-Organized!

Our permanent “Supply Closet” that¬†we thought we had¬†has been held up; size of the unit was an issue. I asked what size is acceptable and have not gotten any answer. This “Supply Closet” is not a priority to the lessee or the owner of the property. It is a priority¬†to those who are wet and cold and to those who serve them.

If you know of anyone who will allow a 12’X20′ foot building, built to code, to be placed on their property¬†with a lease for 5 years, someplace near where the population we serve reside; i.e.,¬†Upper Broadway/New Town Rd., The unit is for storage only and will have a small work crew a couple of days a week. No one will be allowed to “hang around.” WE ARE A 501 (3) (C) NON-PROFIT Organization. This information might be helpfull at tax-time.

Please e-mail me at … Ronald.Sachs@Yahoo.com If you can help us with this project.

I again apologize for using this forum to ask for help.