Homeless Issue #10

A very, very, Thankful and loving Thanksgiving to each of you

Last night, Wednesday, as we had our weekly Spiritual “study” at the Silvercrest home, I asked those who were there (some you would never think of as being at a Spiritual study) what they were thankful for. We are talking about our brothers and sisters who are the poorest of the poor, the homeless. We went around the room 3-4 times. Very few repeats. They were thankful for the same things you would mention if you were asked. None mentioned “tangibles,” or wished for “tangibles.” We all were delighted to have the in-put and understanding of one of our street friends I was amazed to have join us. And, of couse, we extended an on-going invitation to join us every week.

We discuss the “politics” of the street. Who, where, when, of the street culture. How to handle the stress, the “problem” people, the scams, the hopes and dreams of the homeless population and the disapointments that come with that life.

And yet ………. they are thankful for the same things you and I are thankful for.

We are thankful that Superior Self Storage @ Cambridge/Cameron Park Dr. came up with a truck and storage space for our use. Thank you Ladies! Just in time.

From Michael Parr:

Temporary, Rotating Winter Shelter

There have been some new developments since late last week. I (Michael Parr) met with James Ellsworth and then with Art Edwards last Friday morning. Many people have been emailing FAITH. Funding has been discussed.Some of the following ideas may be crazy, but everything will be attempted.

1.Homes can be rented and up to 6 persons can be sheltered in each. Again, there are management and liability issues to be resolved. It is doable but not immediate. I am working on the plan now.

2. I will be emailing and calling all churches to donate to a temporary housing fund for the next few months. This could be a short term solution for the most vulnerable.

3. There is a church for sale in Rescue, 21 acres, 2 houses, some cabins and it has a special use permit. I am contacting them to see about temporarily renting it. There must be other properties around. We could transport people over and back each night.

4.. We could have 3 churches house up to 6 each night to start, then add other churches who may be more receptive to no more than 6 folks a night. For example, FUMC, CSCC and COTF all start with 6 people on the same night.

5. Art Edwards asked me to help start a tent city on the county property next to United Outreach. This has already been attempted by Dana.I am not sure what I could do that Dana could not, but it will be looked intio.

6. Any other ideas? Would any of you be willing to contact county government if I drafted an email and anyone that agreed could reply to them?

After Church In The Park last Sunday, I stopped by to see Dennis and Janis behind the Dollar Tree. Tommy was also there. Dennis said to me that many of them had been counting on the shelter opening last Friday night. He said that he was going to bring Janis over because she was so sick. Fortunately, he got Harry to give home some credit for the night. Janis was still sick on Sunday when I spoke with her.

Church In The Park

Church in the park was fantastic last Sunday. Pastor Frank Gates of Cold Springs Community Church played the guitar and led everyone in song and gave the message. Many of his congregation attended as well as many of the many volunteers working for the homeless of El Dorado County. Thank you Frank and Dana !

The Tangibles we need:

Candles, I am all out! All gone. At least 2″ base candles, used or new. Important for heat as well as light.

Tents, Socks (clean used or new white cotton), disposable razors, gloves, Big jackets (large, x-large, XX-large to be worn over heavy clothes),toilet paper, prayer.

Money to purchase what is needed but not donated.

Checks can be made out to:
JSS (Job’s Shelters of the Sierra
P.O. Box 1839
Shingle Springs, CA. 95682-9998
Drop offs at:

Foothills UMC (9-2 week days) Quality In-Home Care
3301 Green Vally Rd. 699 Main St. Suite A
Rescue/Cameron Park Placerville, Ca.

God Bless each of you;

Homeless Issue #9

STOP the rejoicing. It is short lived.

This networks priority is the Homeless citizens of ED County. That not only includes women with children who are in need the greatest but also the chronic homeless on the streets, behind the bushes, and “out of sight.”

The prayer and hopes of all, for the United Outreach and Board of Supervisors lease agreement on Perks Point had us all praising the Board of Supers that they had finally realized that the homeless were citizens of ED county and should be cared for in someway by their county government.

Nope! The Board have again abandoned their own citizens.

The following is an E-Mail from the president of United Outreach.

I attended a meeting with our county contact, Daniel Neilson, this morning to talk over the lease. I asked about our preliminary plan to have a mailing address, a job-hunting telephone, computers ands printer for job searches, so that we could begin helping some of the homeless get a job. I emphasized that we were not suggesting that we bring in more people to sleep beyond the six limit, but that we would like help people who might wander in from the street. He said that this kind of activity would not be permitted under our lease agreement. He said that we could do nothing that would “attract anyone” to our facility on a regular basis. This would include feeding lunch, providing showers, laundry, computer facilities, even a place to come and sit and read in our library to get out of the rain. In other words, we can do nothing beyond care for the six people sleeping in the home. . This is what I expected.

He then said that he wants me to make a list for him that breaks our plans down into phases and we will meet with him to decide how to attain each phase. He could not guarantee that each phase would not require the Special Use Permit, (a one tear effort) but he said he would try to get us a lease modification agreement that would allow us to move into each phase gradually before getting the SUP. Peter and I will write up this phasing document as requested and send it to you for approval, but I have to admit, I am getting weary just thinking of all the work that will be required and all the money it will cost us to get where we want to go.

We can not fault United Outreach. They had one plan. We, however are inclusive of all citizens.

However we can not dilute our efforts in providing 40 meals a day to four locations, providing tents, sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes, and the many things we do daily for the homeless population in ED county. To be asked by United Outreach to build, renovate, supply, Perks Court, at the expense of our providing what we can to the homeless population during the winter months, while not allowing the homeless population to take advantage of any services at Perks Court, rubs us all wrong. Considering that we have asked twice to be allowed to use the mats that UO has in storage for a homeless shelter in local churches. And for UO to allow us to hook up the shower/laundry unit on local churches property. Both requests were ignored by UO. We are on our own, again.

WE ask you to support Mike Parr and F.A.I.T.H. and his efforts to enlist other then the few churches that have said they could house the homeless at least one night a week. Mike has an out-line of what is needed and expected of each location.

Michael Parr

530-676-1468 Home

530-333-5787 Cell

916-795-2572 Work

mooncalf62@earthlink.net Home

michael_parr@calpers.ca.gov Work

JSS needs large tarpaulins, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, rain gear, socks, sweat shirts, and warm jackets.

Drop them off at: Foothills UMC, 3301 Green Valley Rd., Rescue/Cameron Park, Every day 9 until 2:00 PM

Checks can be made out to: JSS, P.O. Box 1839, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

This network will continue to work for the less fortunate citizens of our community.

We are committed. (Or should be committed 🙂 We are 200+ strong

Working together we will succeed.

Homeless Issues #8


Every person has needs beyond the basics of food and shelter. They are security, safety, touch, belonging, significance, grieving, attention, sexuality, guidance, accomplishment, support, nurturing, freedom, and trust. In addition, every person has feelings of varying degrees, including hurt, loneliness, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, gladness, and anger.Knowing these things should help us relate to others as high as Queens/Kings, as we describe them in our minds and as the lowest rung of our societies, as we describe them in our minds.

Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless (FAITH), provides the food. Job’s Shelters of the Sierra (JSS) provides the tents and sleeping bags, socks, toilet paper, soap, books, shirts, and the material needs of homelessness. Both provide some form of nurturing and compassion.

What should We/I do to help those who are already doing/providing things directly for our citizens who are GREATLY less fortunate than ourselves? Have we thought about it at all? Do We/I even care?

FAITH is always looking for volunteers to prepare food, deliver food or both to the encampment that they serve, every day. 4 to 5 churches/organization are partisapating. They are doing in RIGHT NOW. And have been doing this for over six months. EVERY DAY.
Contact Michael Parr at MoonCalf62@earthlink.net or Michael_Par@calpers,ca.gov

JSS is on the road 3-4 times a week going to the encampments with the “Store Jeep” to deliver the necessities of our homeless persons that are donated by me/you to be passed out to the homeless population. JSS is doing that RIGHT NOW. And has been doing this for over six months EVERY WEEK. Contact Ron Sachs at Ronald.Sachs@yahoo.com

Special thanks and very big hugs to those of you who have given us the food that is prepared and delivered, and the “necessities,” tents and very important “stuff” that provides the “food and shelter” we think about. What is missing is, security, safety, touch, belonging, significance, grieving, attention, sexuality, guidance, accomplishment, support, nurturing, freedom, and trust. I want to thank the person who gave a share of their profits for a specific time toward helping pay for that very needed “stuff.” And the lady, who on a fixed income, with high medical bill, still managed to buy 5 tents to be used by the homeless who were without. The Doctor who gives one day each week in the homeless encampments to relieve the pains and medical issues that plague the homeless. The group from a Faith Center who take time to listen, and sometime console the homeless in their dispare. The recovering alcoholics who understand the problems of self medication with alcohol and controlled substances who go out and encourage and support those who want to get out of the addictions. Their God is my God. The two groups that joined together to provide showers twice a week. Or the group of ladies who organize a “hand-out” day once a month every month of the year called “Mt. Auckum.” Their God is my God. And Socrates, the atheist, would say,”well done good students you have learned that what hurts you, do not do to others.”

How do I fit in? I can be less judgmental. I can smile as I pass by. I can help enlighten others to the homeless plight. I can give advice WHEN ASKED. I can attempt to acknowledge that these perpetual homeless persons have not experienced my/our cultural upbringing, our value scale, our fortune, our luck/destiny in being born into a nurturing unit/family.

However, all the needs listed above in relationship to ourselves, apply to each homeless person.

The Civic and Governmental leaders who have their mind set on the exact “Right” angle of 90 degrees and do not want to allow for the “human condition” are way off base in regard to perpetual homeless persons. Most human persons are not able or willing to conform to that ridged “Right” angle of 90 degrees that most civil and governments want to place them in. Perpetual homeless persons are not blocks of wood to be stacked or warehoused in the condition that the un-bending “Right” angle 90 degree mind-set has developed. The perpetual homeless persons in many cases started their life style as children who with outstretched-arms, wanted someone to put an arm around them or be noticed, were slapped instead of hugged. Were shunned as a nuisance, were avoided and learned to steal by grabbing a parcel of food off of another plate just to fill the hunger in their bellies. “Right” angle 90 degree non-flexibility is doomed to fail in these persons.

My Wednesday evening study is with homeless persons who want to make a change, who want to learn, but are hobbled by a long life of what we would call, “discord.” They, at this time, on their terms, want to join us in our culture. This is what we need to assist, help, encourage, and, within our hearts, love.

These are people! “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Yes, one will say, “That sanctimonious, self-rightous, self-serving, #@&%&#@, Ron Sachs can’t talk to me that way.” ……Friend, this is what is in my heart, my mind and my being. I just expressed it.

Yes we also need financial help. We are not endowed with Grant monies like others. We are “on-the ground” workers, working every day, doing, and yes making mistakes, but growing in our knowledge and compassion for those whose lives have put them in the category we call Homelessness.

Make checks out to:
P.O. Box 1839
Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

Drop off donations of tents, sleeping bags, socks, summer clothing 9-2 Monday thru Friday, at:
Foothills UMC
3301 Green Valley Rd.
Rescue/Cameron Park, Ca. 95672

As we progress into winter, Quality In-Home Care Specialists, Inc will campaign and collect winter coats at their many locations.

Thank you for your patience as I got this out of my heart and into your thoughts.

Homeless Issues #5

We had a very good meeting as far as a “First Meeting” goes on Thursday the 9th. 180 invitations were sent out. We had 28 people attending. These included the major contributors to healing the homeless problems in our communities. Much lacking was the El Dorado County representatives, none that I could see or who made themselves known. Is this the view the County Government shows towards Homeless issues?

Solid Rock Faith; Light of the Hills; Green Valley Community; Foothills UMC; Only Kindness; First Lutheran;  Affordable Housing Coalition; Hands for Hope; as well as “unassociated persons” all joined in the meeting receiving and giving information that we all could use to make things a little better for our homeless citizens, sisters, and brothers.

6:30 Welcoming ….. Ron Sachs

Sign-up sheets, (Homeless Issue newsletter, FAITH volunteer roster,         Silvercrest/Carson    homes). Facilities at Foothills, bathrooms, foods, etc.

6:45 Reason for the gathering.

To keep everyone informed on what some groups are doing so that we do not waist         energy and money duplicating services. And asking other groups to join us in these     efforts.

6:50: Opening prayer ….. Mike Parr

6:55: Introduction and acknowledgement of all organizations attending the meeting and their primary function. ….. Ron Sachs

7:00 Mike Parr of FAITH …..

On site feeding = Upper room & Saturday Café.

Site and camp feeding = FAITH

Faith and its challenges, needs, and coordination and cooperation of the volunteer           force.

7:45 Pastor Frank Gates of “Cold Springs Church” & Dana LaForce of “Only Kindness”…. Also input from Lloyd Ingles.             Silvercrest & Carson Rd. homes. (I was informed Saturday that Carson Rd. home has shut down.)

8:00 Ron Sachs of JSS …..

Reach of this effort. Not only Placerville but Somerset/Grizzle Flats area.

Different life style & different needs.

The Storehouse Jeep.

Glasses, With the help of the Lions Club of Somerset/Pioneer, we have provided seven pairs of glasses to those homeless who needed them, everyday needs of the homeless provided and when possible special needs addressed.

Introduction of Jackie from the Sac Bee article of June, 24th..

Legal issues, permits, progress.

Construction volunteer help.

And most importantly, the interaction/networking between the groups that took place after the “official” meeting was over.

Look what you missed!

Financial contributions are to be made out to:


PO Box 1839

Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682-9998

Thank you;

Ron Sachs

Homeless Issues #4

When I, Ron Sachs, was homeless,  I was very appreciative of any and all help I could get. Some very small but very big when received in a distressed state. When we had our Homeless Coalition, E.S.G.V.C.H., in So Cal, we had about 600 persons who were registered with us the last year I was there. Out of the 600 persons, I can count on my fingers the people we got

off the street into jobs, children in school, and gave them a new start in their journey in life. I am asked, “Is that cost effective?” is that “effort effective?”

My friends, if your the one, IT IS! How can we chose who is to be helped? They are all our brothers and sisters in emotional, financial, and educational distress.

I received the following from “Pastor Frank” a food provider, a friend to those in need, and a spiritual leader ready to listen to those who want to “spill their guts” and in need of a shoulder to cry on.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys”.  These are the words I said to my Senior Pastor as we sat in his office drinking the day’s first cup of coffee early this morning.  I was, of course, referring to the recent revelation that the transitional housing organization “Krystal Lighthouse” has been scamming and swindling homeless folks, not only in our area but all across the western United States …for food stamps?

Krystal Lighthouse, however, was not the only thing I was referring to with my good guys, bad guys comment.  I have loved, cared for and served drug dealers, wife beaters, pedophiles, killers and all sorts of scurrilous characters; as have you if you are out there serving our growing homeless population.  I have begged and pleaded to help get a man into a rehab program only to learn he was arrested for child rape less than a week later. I have fed a mother and her children only to see the children taken away by CPS and the mom charged with pimping out her children (9 and 11) to the highest bidder.  I have seen groups looking to make a profit on the backs of the poor and homeless…and some…doing so in the name of God.  I have heard many making promises to desperate people that they didn’t keep…Me included.

Yes it can be ugly; impossible to tell the monsters from the saints.  In the process of serving and caring for the many wonderful and good hearted people in the homeless community we, daily, come in contact with people capable of behavior that most of us would consider monstrous.

Well…My belief that it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys was further substantiated today.  As some of you have heard, I stopped by the house on Silver Crest after serving lunch at the park.  I met with some of the residents to see if we could figure out a way to help keep them sober and off the streets as Krystal Lighthouse crumbles around them.

While there I was caught up in a police raid.  I was dumbfounded and greatly saddened.  I sat there (not allowed to stand) along with a handful of recovering, former homeless friends, that truly want to stay sober and defeat the demons that have haunted them for decades.

Although my companions seemed inured to the treatment, I couldn’t believe the indifference to the humanity of the group the police displayed.  I don’t mean to be hyperbolic and I’m in NO WAY equating Placer P.D. with any group or actions, but I made this observation: I see how historically, horrible things have happen to certain populations in a society.  To these officers, who had complete power over us, we were not human.  I’m not even sure we rated as animal.  I can’t even say they were rude.  Rude is what you are to other people.  It was just three big uniform clad guys with guns ransacking and searching at will, while another big guy with a hand on his gun stood watch over a pastor wearing a goofy hat and a group of scared people clinging to faith and sobriety by a thread…People who for a few weeks caught a glimpse of hope.

I’m tired so I hope you can make sense of my ramblings.  I’m sad, brokenhearted really, and I don’t know what to do with my great frustration.  Our friends: can’t sleep in public, camp in city limits, have no shelter and now after being duped by Krystal Lighthouse are subject to regular raids and harassment because they are not wanted in the neighborhood fate has brought them to.

I’ve admitted that many that we serve are less than perfect…but they all have a story…most have profoundly troubling early life stories that leave me wondering how they do as well as they do.  Regardless of the story or lack there of, they are human.  We all are human.  I pray I am wrong and those in law enforcement everywhere realize this.

I’ll lay down to sleep tonight, roof over my head, comfortable bed, next to a wife who loves me…I realize how truly blessed I am.  Out there…across town, someone has been abandoned by friends and family, penniless, homeless and hopeless.  Addicted and afflicted they rest weary bones on hard concrete…just as human as I am.

Peace and Grace,

f. jay gates

Director Of Worship Ministries, Cold Springs Community Church

Who are JSS & FAITH?

The following is an explanation written by Katie Chaney of Dovetail Ministries when asked who we were. I felt she “said it all.”

Job’s Shelter of the Sierra (JSS) & Feeding And Inspiring The Homeless (F.A.I.T.H.)

What they are doing to help the least fortunate citizens of El Dorado County.

These persons, the Homeless, are our neighbors, our citizens, our children of God who He asks us to treat as we would Him. Matthew 25:40 and 45.

Working in conjunction with one another, JSS (Job’s Shelter of the Sierra) and FAITH (Feeding and Inspiring the Homeless), complement each other providing food and supplies to those whom are unable to provide for themselves.  Serving the homeless and the working poor, these two organizations collect and distribute goods based solely on the donations of the good people of El Dorado County.

JSS was created by Ron Sachs, and three others, after he saw a growing need to provide for an ever increasing number of homeless in the County of El Dorado.  Having been homeless himself at one point in his life, Ron has developed a compassionate heart for those less fortunate than himself.  Unpaid, he works daily to collect and distribute items the homeless require to maintain at least a minimum level of survival and creature comforts.  Items such as clothing, socks, shoes, candles, tents, tarps, toiletries, hygiene products, are always in high demand and supplies run thin quickly.

The JSS works with the Lyons Club program of El Dorado to provide free eye exams and glasses to those who need them.  Medicinal needs are met by Doc Deb. She is a naturalist practitioner, who provides salves and ointments to cover the multitude of skin ailments. Homeless citizens are sometimes forced to wear the same clothes for days or weeks at a time, sometimes longer. This adds to a great many skin and other disease issues.  She has the cures.  The JSS also works with a group called Only Kindness, Inc. whom has taken on the growing task of picking up and dumping trash from area homeless encampments. It’s a way to help disease from spreading throughout these encampments and staying on top of it aids to allowing citizens to continue to reside there.

It is the ultimate goal of the JSS, working with a coalition of caring groups, to acquire property to build adequate housing for homeless citizens in El Dorado County who want to better themselves, whereby programs can be offered to integrate its residents back into society with dignity and purpose.

F.A.I.T.H. is a community outreach program hosted by the Foothills United Methodist Church located in Rescue, CA.  This program was created by Mike Parr and is maintained by both area Food Bank of ED County services and many voluntary willing hands from several faith-based and non-faith based organizations located in and around El Dorado County.  This volunteer program provides home prepared, hot meals delivered to several locations around the county daily in an effort to serve food to those that reside in homeless encampments and cannot provide for themselves.  This program provides food once daily and offers nutritious alternative to fast foods.

Pop top canned goods are also collected and distributed daily to those whom have embedded themselves deep into the wilderness and cannot make it out to participate in the food service programs.  In this instance, Ron provides these cans to those persons three times per week.

The JSS and F.A.I.T.H. organizations are in need of and are grateful for any monetary or other contributions made.  While items are solicited for and collected on a daily basis, prayer is the most sought after request both organizations are requesting from the community.

Matthew 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:45 “Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.”

Please send any contributions                                  Socks, tents, summer clothes, etc.

drop off

JSS/FAITH                                                                                Foothills UMC
PO Box 1839                                                                             3301 Green Valley Rd.
Shingle Springs, CA 95682-9998                                      Rescue/Cameron Park, CA. 95672

Homeless Issue #2

I am so disappointed. Homeless Issue #2 was sent a week ago. The home of Krystal Light Discipleship was stormed by Placerville police on Saturday. 10 or more police searched the whole house looking for drugs and contraband, none were found. I was made aware that one of our recipients of Homeless Issues informed zoning authorities about the home and the church that was to be used for assisting homeless persons. I mistakenly used the word “shelter” instead of assisting homeless persons.

I mistakenly thought that homelessness of our citizens was a problem that those receiving this newsletter were concerned for the “bottom run” of our citizens, and wanted to help. Those who do not want to help in this effort, just let me know and I will take you off of my list of helpful people.

Pastor Darryl met with the city and county people and is making adjustments and mutual understanding with both, so he may continue his great work..

We have to remember that our friends stay under the radar and attempt to be invisible. Calling attention to them and their plight only brings harassment. Homelessness will never go away. Placerville police have begun to visit the gathering places of our friends and they conduct the usual harassment techniques.

I do not condone breaking the law. We only ask for concern and compassion for those less fortunate then ourselves. Some of you have a faith base. Read Matthew 25:40. And for closet Atheist; Socrates, “What stirs your anger when done to you by others, that do not to others.”

We do have good news also and I will get into that in my next issue.

Remember; Contributions are needed to pay for food, special needs, and the necessities that are not covered by donations.

Please send donations (Tax deductible)to:
P.O. Box 1839
Shingle Springs, CA. 95682-9998

In His Name;
Ron Sachs