Charlie McDonald

HED Announces Charlie McDonald as Program Manager

HED announced Monday that they have selected a Program Manager for their Pathways Winter Lodging Program. Job’s Shelters has worked closely with Housing El Dorado to develop this program, and we are glad to see it coming to fruition.

Housing El Dorado has brought together three local churches to provide shelter. Housing El Dorado is providing program management, transportation, and overnight supervision in addition to the area churches hosting the program. We would like to commend Green Valley Community Church, Discovery Hills Church, and Foothills United Methodist Church for opening their arms, hearts, and doors to those in need.

This week, HED put out a call for volunteers. Volunteers are currently needed Saturdays and Mondays from 4pm to 11pm as well as Sundays and Tuesdays from 6am to 8am. Positions vary and may include driving, check-in, evening supervision, and AM supervision and breakdown. For more information, visit

Malibu Joe

They called him “Malibu Joe.” He was one of the many homeless. He lived in a parking lot in Malibu under the oleander bushes. He wouldn’t take hand-outs, but people left things for him and he found food and clothes in the dumpster. He wasn’t a pest or a drinker, but was so loved by the people in the community that they placed a plaque in his memory after he was fatally beaten at age 96, long past his working years on farms in Ventura county. He had lived in Malibu over 30 years.


A visitor observing “Malibu Joe” for the day noted his first meal was an over ripe banana in the afternoon. His evening meal was water with instant coffee, along with a few packets of sugar with bread tossed in. Eaten with the aid of one tooth. He lit his pipe with a magnifying glass. He wore his worn black overcoat over his tattered clothes by day and used it as a blanket by night.


Even though he seemed content, at 96, there had to be times when he didn’t feel good and needed a warm bed.


Artist, Louise Nelson painted a 30 x 40 oil of Malibu Joe in his surroundings from a photo taken by former Pepperdine student, Troy Mayben. She started the painting because it was an interesting character study. As the painting progressed , she began to feel a burden for the homeless. “I realized that thanking god for my warm bed each night was not enough.”


Louise Nelson decided to use the painting as a tool to raise money for the homeless and needy. A total of 950 limited edition prints, signed and numbered,by the artist, have been produced for that purpose.


A minimum bid of $50.00 will allow you to have one of these print’s.


The picture, itself is 16”X21”
Signed by the artist.
Certificate of Authenticity comes with the print.
A letter from Jobs Shelters of the Sierra, noting your contribution will be sent to you.