Homeless Issues #148

Homeless Issue #148                                 08/12/19

Shariff Dept. updates:

The overall County homeless population is about 600 as of 2018. The Sheriff Dept. has “Outreach” contact with about 84 of those as of 2019. A sampling of 192 of the homeless that the Homeless Outreach Team have actively worked with in 2019 shows that 103 housed; 40 still actively homeless; 11 travel between cities/counties or refuse services; 14 incarcerated; 8 entered into treatment; 16 who have just wandered off. It is the mission of the Homeless Outreach Team to break the cycle of homelessness through various service offerings and outreach.

HOT does not maintain statistics for individuals who have living circumstances such as an RV, a car or are “couch surfing.” These numbers do not account for incorporated areas such as Placerville or South Lake Tahoe.

Thank you, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dept.

How many of our homeless are mentally challenged and to what degree? Addicted, and to what degree? These are the ones who are the face of homelessness. The populous does not notice those who are just like you and me but without money to rent space and purchase food. These are the “forgotten” homeless. These are the ones we can assist with the help of the Sheriff’s Dept. and other County agencies.

The others? I suggest benevolent and trained staff incarceration.


Using the old Juvenile Detention Center.

Can it be used as a year-round Homeless complex, a mental facility; or, as there are enough buildings to house both facilities, keep it for both, or tear it all down??? The Center housed persons just a short time ago, and it is ready to be occupied with just some volunteer labor to spruce it up a little and make minor repairs if needed.

The County needs guidance on this issue. Please keep up communicating with your County Supervisor. We do not this set on a back burner and not “Just wait to see what happens.” The opposition to using the buildings for the homeless is at work attempting to block those buildings being used for homeless issues.


              When the ball is in our own back court

A transplant moved in behind us and called code enforcement on everyone on our street in Georgetown. I have been housing a friend slash uncle in our trailer out back. He was in and out of jail and had a real alcohol problem. We got him off alcohol and he goes to church every Sunday. And Has Not been arrested since. But code enforcement says build a structure for him or kick him out on to the streets. I have asked our supervisor to help. She is trying but. Code enforcement is threatening us. I have said I’m not going to kick said Uncle out.

       Supervisor of 4 can’t or won’t step in? A Sorry Fact.

Does your organization need a speaker?

Need to be informed?


I have a 30-minute DVD presentation that shows the operation of JSS in action and also one showing the Nomadic Shelter at each location as well as bring to your group the realities of homelessness.

With or without the DVD, I point out the misconceptions and misunderstandings that get in our way when thinking of homelessness. The questions and debate portion of the presentation is most helpful to all attending. Just e-mail me for dates, time, and location of your gathering. Ron@JobsShelters.Org        


Homeless Issues #147


Homeless Issue #147                                              07/23/19


JSS works with many organizations providing the necessities for living on the street.

Christlike Services Women’s House.

Periodically the women in the Christlike Women’s house will gather up the homeless women and takes them to the house for showers as well as a facility to clean their clothes. The first Friday night had four homeless women trying it out. As the word spreads, more will come. JSS provides clothing, underwear, lotions, all hygienic needs and a few “odds and ends,” on those occasions.

Meanwhile over at the Christlike Men’s house, JSS provides tents and sleeping bags for a group of 5 or more men who go camping and practice sobriety in an effort to get off the drug/alcohol habit and receive direction in life habits. This program has been successful. Many, if not most, of the men helping in the Nomadic Shelter during the winter months are graduates of this program. They are trusted, and some are paid for their supervision of the homeless guests at the host churches. Other men are out on work projects (“Ready Labor”) at various homes doing yard work to small building projects. Call 530-622-1267 to hire day labors who are insured and documented.




Assisting not harassing 


(Sheriff Dept. Homeless Outreach Team)

Participants:    EDSO HOT, El Dorado County Behavioral Health, EDC Mental Health, Community Health, Marshall Medical, The Lighted Candle, Walmart, JSS Job’s Shelters of the Sierras, Capital Aire Systems


BH FIELD ASSESSMENTS PREFORMED:   7 – This is the initial screening for entry/assessment to receive a funding package and treatment via rehab/transitional housing.

TYPES OF DONATIONS:   • 8 Loads of laundry completed

                                                250 gallons of water

                                                Supplies for wound care

                                                Camping supplies/toiletries (JSS)

                                                Clothing/Shoes/ Cold weather (JSS)

                                                Feminine hygiene (JSS)


OFFERED:                                   Family Counseling

                                                       Substance   Abuse

                                                       Physical abuse

                                                       Sexual assault

             Check In/Check out area to ensure               quality  data collection.

OPPORTUNITIES   FOR         Creating individual spaces for participating FUTURE TRAILER DATES:       services to ensure privacy/room to  work

                                                     Additional seating area

                                                     Different signage

                                                     Narcan distribution 8t training

                                                     Sharps containers (willing              individuals)

                                                     Donations to provide basic medical supplies &                    

                                                       Treatment training/

Next H.O.T. “Trailer Day” will be with the Placerville Police Dept. and in the city of Placerville. July 31st.


Unused Juvenile Hall to Homeless Shelter        
still up in the air!

The “Experts” in providing overnight care and service to the homeless population at night is the Nomadic Shelter. The “Experts” in educating, inspiring, and motivating the homeless population during the day light hours is Christlike Services.

A joint effort for the Juvenile Hall facility?

Mr. Don Semon is the Director of HHSA and is responsible for the Juvenile Hall re-purposing Use Analysis and recommendations to the BOS.  He will not be making the decision; it will be the five BOS who will make the decision.


Or any other excess building the county might have?

The homeless were in Placerville before HangTown/Placerville were here.

They will be here long after HangTown/Placerville are long gone.


Ron Sachs               

Homeless Issues #146a

I forgot to send you the E-Mail address of each member of the Board of Supervisors. Here they are:              
District #1….  bosone@edcgov.us  
District #2….  
District #3.… 
District #4…. 
District #5…

Tell them you want them to give the Juvenile Hall to the Nomadic Shelter and also to allow for a Mental Health facility to operate year-round at that location.

Send that e-mail out today because the Supers will vote on it Friday.

Thanks again for your activism. We need your comments.



Homeless Issues #146

Homeless Issues #146                                                       06/26/19



The old Placerville Juvenile Hall is now going to be repurposed by the county on June 30. We strongly suggest that the compound can be used year-round by the Nomadic Shelter, a resurgence of the successful Hangtown Haven project, and as a Mental Health facility for our mentally challenged. It has two wings that could be conveniently separated and distinctive if need be. JSS strongly asks for your involvement by e-mailing your County Supervisor supporting this effort. Tell your supervisor that you support giving the old Juvenile Hall to “Community Haven,” Inc. and making it into a year-round homeless shelter combined with a mental health facility BEFORE June 30th.  God bless you!


 A very big development has been taken to integrate the Placerville city police with the County Sheriff Dept and their HOT team. The county sheriff deputies will have a Placerville office riding with them in the city of Placerville. There will be concentration on the addicts and mentally challenged who are destructive and will assist the homeless population who are not destructive and are in need of assistance. This is a GREAT change and a sensible step in attempting to help solve our population who just do not have the resources to afford housing.


The Sheriff Dept. assisting our population “who have the very least,” not harassing them.

We have to understand that the homeless population does not vote, and those governing are elected by those who do vote. In Placerville as in many places there are groups of voting persons who do not want the homeless on our streets, but do not want to pay for a solution to the problems they present.


The Sherriff Dept. is having another gathering of providers to assist those who have the very least in our population much like the one held in the Walmart parking lot early in the month. This time it will be in the fields behind the old Kmart shopping center. (BTW what will that shopping center be called since Kmart is gone?????????) JSS will be there with The Lighted Candle, the Sherriff Dept. and others.

 Ron and the JSS group thank you.       



Homeless Issues #145

Homeless Issue #145                                                   06/01/19

El Dorado County Sheriff Dept. is working WITH us!
Yes, the El Dorado County Sheriff Department has gathered together some of the
Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless service providers in our county to gather at different locations for a well-advertised event within the homeless community, an opportunity to distribute what these providers have to give to our Addicted/Mentally Challenged and Homeless persons. This gathering will take place at different locations and at different days throughout the summer months. The Sheriff Dept., The Lighted Candle as well as JSS, were there, with your donations making that possible, JSS will be there at each different location within the county.
                       Richard                         Ron

              JSS has just ordered the following:  

144 tubes of toothpaste, 144 sticks of deodorant, 72 sticks of lip balm, 56 pair of men’s boxer briefs, 30 pair of men’s white briefs, as well as 70 pair of women’s underwear, 288 rolls of toilet paper; plus, the socks we have on hand now. All those items must be paid for. Will you help us out?

The LDS community has donated $1,500.00 worth of clothing from their gigantic warehouse in Sacramento. We depend on donations to carryout our mission to the addicted/ mentally challenged and homeless population without enabling them. These are just the basics for human hygiene. Remember that the addict/mentally challenged and homeless do not have places to keep/store what they are not using in the moment. All the jackets and cold weather gear has now been abandoned or discarded.

With the 140 tents and sleeping bags we have given to the addicted/mentally challenged and the homeless who are without shelter in the past year, and more in need again this year; we must restock. We are approaching our financial red line. This is all for the “Least of these our brothers and sisters.”
                                                                            Please send us a check! JSS receives no money from any government agency or from any Foundations local or otherwise. Only from you!

Many, Many, thanks for those who contribute to the “Can” each month!!

I am asking you to take some time, like one hour, to view this presentation


Please take your time. This is important. As I have advocated in the past, the only solution is Benevolent Incarceration as depicted in this presentation.. 

Ron Sachs            


Homeless Issues #144

Homeless Issues #144                                  05/21/19
We are going to explore the very basics of life for all “living things.”
You/Me, Dogs. Cats, Squirrels, Horses, Addicts, Mentally Challenged, Presidents and the Homeless. Every one of these living entities have the same basic needs and reactions. Air to breathe, water, nourishment (food), and a place to defecate. You don’t like the obvious? That is it, wheather you like the subject or not, there it is!

“They/Them” (Addicts/Mentally Challenged/Homeless) are the same as Presidents/ You/Me, all living animals. How can anyone fault “They/Them” for addressing those needs that you and I take for granted.

The Upper Room, Job’s Shelters of the Sierra, Only Kindness, the Faith Community provide some of the material needs of this community without the help of the County coffers. But the County coffers and city/county property is needed to overcome the most lacking basics: A place to defecate. We hide, this basic need. You cannot take a bath in the Walmart “Bathroom.” You cannot take a bath in the gas station “Bathroom.” Come out of the closet of “Niceties” and into the world of FACT.

We have an Addicts/Mentally Challenged Problem!

Those addiction to Drugs and Alcohol, the Mentally Challenged persons who are on our streets; and finally, our Homeless population who just can’t pay for shelter.

WE NEED “BATHROOMS” for our Addicts/Mentally Challenged and Homeless.
Yes, “they” are in our community, they are part of our surroundings, they are ours. This will solve, in most part, the complaint that “They” defecate on my property just like the dogs/cats/squirrels/ and all other living creatures that cross our land.

In Placerville city is the only “open” bathroom available to persons who have a need to use it. And it gets locked up at night.

Since this is a regional issue within the county, we must go to the individual County Supervisor and City Administrator for action.

And ……… The uncontrolled addicts and mentally challenged have to be taken off the streets as they break the laws that we all have to follow. Now? …………..  Just a few days or a week and they are back on our streets again breaking our rules of conduct.

We have had in the past “Porta Potties” that could be used by this segment of our population. And yes, the addicts and mentally challenged have torn them apart. But if these persons were incarcerated, they would not be around to wreak havoc as they have done in the past. If the Addicts and Mentally Challenged were compassionately incarcerated, life for all would be made much more doable….. “They” have to “go” someplace. The community might be able to direct where that might be.


The real experts on this issue are not the County Staff! The experts are the “Normal,” “Successful,” “Stable,”  Volunteers that spend hours with this segment of our population in the Nomadic Shelter and/or The Upper Room.  

Has anyone read Isaiah 58:7 and 58:10? or Matthew 25:40?
“He who won’t be counseled can’t be helped.”
Benjamin Franklin
Anyone wanting to take this project (Porta Potties) on will get the full support of JSS and this Newsletter!

OK, I will get a lot of flak from this assessment. But this has worked in other communities.

Did everyone view this very important  presentation? If not view it!



Hard to Watch


I am asking you to take some time, like one hour, to view this presentation that  presents the problems of Drug Addiction/Mental Challenges, and the  separation of Homelessness. It’s realities, it’s bare bones. It ends with a possible solution.


Please take your time. This is important. As I have advocated in the past, the only solution is Benevolent Incarceration as depicted in this presentation.. 

Who is willing to pay for this change?

Ron Sachs               


Homeless Issues #143

Homeless Issue #143                                                   05/01/19

Hidden Homeless, Not seen, Invisible; Yet are the largest segment of our homeless population.

I was awakened, you might say, by this statement of an educated professional. A person in a doctor’s office who made this amazing statement, and I quote, “All of the homeless people are drug attics; that is the reason why they are homeless.”

Her judgment was based on her observations or of “what she has heard.” She had seen the “pan-handlers,” the “drunks,” the “despicable” minority of the homeless population, that runs to about 3% to 5% of the homeless population.

We had 170 persons who were homeless in our Nomadic Shelters this winter. They were interviewed and answered a battery of questions.
53% were 51 years old or older. 25% were 37-50 years old. 69% were men. 35 or 25% of those interviewed persons, were persons who had been in ED County for less than one year. Those figures show that the vast majority of homeless in El Dorado County are El Dorado County citizens. About the same in most Counties.

Why are they hidden, invisible to most of us? They are not the “pan-handlers,” the “drunks,” the “despicable” minority.

44% had some income. They do have “SSI” government assistance of about $650.00 a month. One month’s existence of rent, heat, electricity, health insurance, and food alone are unobtainable for $650.00 a month income. Could you do it? It is true that this group has limited employment skills or are just to old to be considered as an asset to an employer.
What did the “farm-hand, handyman, field hand, house-maid, dishwasher, hourly- wage earner plan for a retirement? They didn’t. They never prepared to have a well-paying job with benefits.

Dear lady had you thought about it? Or is it just more convenient to say they are all drug addicts? Not people at all.

Homeless: Homelessness starts when one quits school to take that little job making a little money on the side, that minimum wage job, and just never goes beyond that skill set of minimum wage and minimum life accomplishment. When they are young, they can endure much. They have family to fall back on, whether that family has resources large or small, they are there for comfort, and get fed. However, the person gets older and older, then comes to the point where family is gone and there is no support system and their body aches. Medical insurance. That is way beyond their reach. But they have found that if you have a tooth that is aching, a deep depression, that huge disappointment when realizing where you are and what you were doing, and the things that you don’t have. You find that much of these feelings and aches and pains can be cured by a $6.00 bottle of vodka or a crystal of “Meth.” It not only relieves the pains, physical, mental emotional, but you can also lie down and go to sleep on solid concrete. This is the progression that many have taken from the day they walked out of high school or in some cases no school at all.

Yes, there are exceptions. I was homeless at age 54. I had skills and a reputation and got back on “my feet.” In our Homeless ministries in Southern California, we had 3 different lawyers who found themselves homeless for various reasons. They did afford “The East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless” some free legal advice. Anyone can become homeless at any one time. And they or you will need assistance and also someone who cares.
We are all dependent on others. From older family fortune to a husband or wife, church or friends, learning from others, food sources, our shelters, all depend on the help of others.

We are not alone in life and must help with the efforts of others who did not receive the help we received, but maybe we did not acknowledge the help we received. At the moment of birth, we are all equal. At that point we are all then poured into the mold of our lives.
I think that PayPal does not make enough money off of JSS and thus has stopped their involvement in collecting donations for JSS.
JSS needs your donations to continue our services to “The least of our brothers and sisters.”
In the future please send your donations, by check to our P.O. Box, in Shingle Springs
   Our address:
P.O. Box 1839, Shingle Springs, Ca. 95682
Cash donations can be left at Foothill UMC for JSS. Just write on the envelop; Ron Sachs/JSS
3301 Green Valley Rd. Rescue/Cameron Park.

Homeless Issues #142

Homeless Issue #142                                 04/07/19

Who stays at the Nomadic Shelter?

Total? 170 completely registered with 30 one nighters. Total was 200.

The following figures represent the 170 persons who completed the

Age groups: Under 25 years old – 8: 26-36 – 31: 37-50 – 43: 51-65 – 83 and 66 and over – 8.

Gender: Male-117 and Female-50 with 3 not recorded.

Time in El Dorado County: Under 1 year-35: 1-5 years-21: 6 or more years-111: Not marked-3

Income (in any form): Yes-74: No-88: Not marked-16.

6 Persons were banned due to unacceptable behavior.

Past and current reliable homeless persons were being paid to help in some Nomadic Shelter locations this year. We again were short of volunteers, but importantly,
we gave some homeless persons a purpose ….. a feeling of self-worth.

Elderly woman in a wheel chair was abandoned by distant relatives in the Nomadic Shelter. She is now in assisted living in Sacramento thanks to the Shelter efforts.

Father and son met up for the first time in 16 years in the Nomadic Shelter.

Lori saved money, was responsible, and is now buying a car.

Sorrowfully, we had one of our homeless guests die while in the shelter. As part of the Intake Form a
question is asked: “Who to call if you are ill or injured?” In this case we had the name of his mother and her telephone number. But not all shelter guests are asked these vital questions. One out of the 5 shelter locations do not ask these vital questions. Fortunately, this guest had filled out the Intake Form at one of the other locations and his family was notified. The advantage of continuity does not prevail. We found that 30 homeless persons at that one location did not provide information like who to phone in an emergency/death, age, gender, how long in El Dorado County, etc. This information helps us address the needs of providing our homeless population with shelter. Thank God, Mike did not die on the streets.

The homeless community is much like your community. Some dominate, some follow, fall in and out of love, are helpful and kind to each other; a small percentage are rogues and “misfits.” Just people trying to “get by,” With no toilet or shower facilities, no reliable fresh water supply, or electricity, no extra clothing, one pair of socks unchanged and never removed for weeks, and cold in winter weather and hot in the summer and not having a basic shelter to “come home to.”
How comfortable are you as you read this?

JSS is out there 3 days a week providing the necessities, all of what we freely give; but it all cost money. That is where you come in.  We need your help in financing this effort.

Homeless Issues #141

Homeless Issue #141

We will be giving a full report regarding the Nomadic Shelter after April 5th. But here are little bits of information that is important to get out.

El Dorado County will designate Perk’s Court as “Excess County Property,”
making it available to be used as a permanent, year-round shelter for our homeless population. WITH RESTRICTIONS. This will not be a place for the homeless population to just “hang around.” The surrounding area residents would not stand for it. It is suggested that the persons who meet the qualifications to use the shelter, be “Vanned” in and leave in the morning. Those with “business” or in need of advice/counselling, could stay in a restricted location on the property. “Employees” could be selected from the responsible homeless population to keep the grounds and buildings clean and safe. The now existing Nomadic Shelter organization and its volunteers as well as the participating faith organizations could get it up and running within months. One or both houses
could be readied to accept homeless within a very few months’ time. Art Edwards and Ron Sachs have had this vision for 7-8 years and would be blessed to finish what they had started years ago, with the Nomadic shelter heading up the group with support and “input” by the County Homeless Coordinator.

NOW we need you to exert all your energies by convincing the Board of Supervisors that Perk’s Court would be the best place for a Homeless Shelter and Out Reach facility. Please e-mail your Supervisor, send letters, get everyone you can think of involved.

I went to a meeting put on by the El Dorado Community Foundation.
What I came away with from that meeting was short regarding the single homeless population. If I may paraphrase?

The single homeless will always be with us and thus cannot show any advancement in eliminating the problem, therefore we do not fund any program that would benefit the single homeless person.”
An example was given that some homeless persons go from county to county absorbing various county benefits. Thus, funding of that population is counterproductive. I see it that if wealthy persons can corrupt the University admissions system, Universities should be shut down and not be funded. One has money, one aint got no money.

Even our Governor gets involved

The Honorable Gavin Newsom Governor,
State of California
State Capitol Building,
1st Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Homelessness Funding

Dear Governor Newsom,

The California State Association of Counties (CSAC), Urban Counties of California (UCC), and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) are pleased to partner with you on combatting the homelessness crisis in our communities. Our members bring experience and expertise to the issue as counties provide a wide array of services to combat homelessness. In follow-up to CSAC’s March 15 letter, the undersigned county associations have had further conversations about ways in which our members collectively can partner with the state and our local partners to make lasting changes in responding to one of the most complex social challenges of our generation.

Counties strongly support your January Budget proposal to dedicate $500 million in funding to local entities for emergency shelters, navigation centers, and meeting milestones. While we understand that proposed solutions are evolving, we wish to work with you to address the concerns and needs of our member counties. For counties, flexibility is the key to addressing the needs of the homeless population. This is why we respectfully request the inclusion of increased flexibility for local jurisdictions as each region strives to tackle homelessness with targeted, specific responses to local needs. Counties support additional state investments in strategies for addressing homelessness as well as a reprioritization of funds outlined in your proposed budget.……………………………………………………………

This was taken from a letter sent by CSAC, UCoC, and RCRC to the Governor.
Again, the Nomadic Shelter report will be made
available around the 10th of April or before.
      Bless us ALL!