Homelessness – 

in its many forms and reasons for being

Speaker: Ron Sachs.

Ron experienced homelessness at age 54. Ron is now retired as an Executive Vice President of an international manufacturer. He is a past ordained minister and a Graduate of the Lay Minister program and is certified as a Certified Lay Speaker within the United Methodist Church. He, with the support of his wife, spent 21 years working with the homeless populations in Los Angeles County as well as El Dorado County, California.  Now, Ron helps coordinate visits to the encampments and gathering places of the homeless at least 3 days a week during the summer months and as many as 6 days during the winter months, distributing the necessities for the homeless existence.

As a student and participant with the “Street People” in Europe, where he went to school, and the “Artist Community,” where he pursued that desire as a young artist, he became caught up in that life style. With this background, and a desire to investigate the spiritual world much more in depth than his up-bringing in the Church, he studied, taught, and attempted to follow the teachings of Y’shua/Jesus and His relationship to, as He put it, “the least of these our brethren.”

Ron has taught and spoken at numerous Churches and various groups of people who have shown an interest in the homeless in their communities. Most importantly, he dispels some misconceptions about homelessness and the reasons for homelessness and enlightens the general public to the things homeless person have to overcome to exist in our communities.

His presentations usually consist of a general explanation of homelessness, with pictures, followed by a question and answer period. This program lasts at least one hour.

Ron is available by invitation at Ron@JobsShelters.Org .